Monday, 31 March 2014

The Week That Was - Bugs, Boobs and Baby Blankets...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - After dropping Biscuit off at school we came home and tidied up. Wiggles "helped" me with the washing and some washing up. Then we took advantage of the sunshine and walked Pearl. The only problem with walking the dog in this village is that you tend to bump into lots of people, it means I spend as much time chatting as I do walking! But I can't complain, it is rather lovely! We came home and had lunch. After Wiggles' nap we collected Biscuit and headed off to the supermarket. I needed to buy some bits ready for Dee coming to lunch tomorrow and I'd ordered some clothes that had arrived for collection. Here are the website photos: 

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Tuesday -  Wiggles and I went to her toddler group. Afterwards Dee came back to have lunch with us which was lovely. We got to have a good catch up. We collected Biscuit from school then went to see Tallulah. Biscuit was pooped and not really in the mood. We found a fantastic scooter in JoJo Maman Bebe, Wiggles had a little go on the demonstration model and she LOVED it! It had a little seat and looked like this:

Biscuit declared that she was so tired from school that she couldn't walk so she sat in the back of her sister's buggy rather than walking back to the car! Mr Husband went to the football so I came home, fed them and out them to bed before catching up with Mum and Dad who'd returned from their trip. 

Wednesday - Work for me. I went out at lunch time to find a birthday present for Aunty Poppy. I found her a lovely heart shaped dish to go with a bracelet I'd already got. Mr Husband and I arranged babysitters so we could go to the cinema together on Thursday. I ordered the scooter we'd seen for Wiggles online. We'll have to keep it until her birthday in June which will be so hard!!! 

Thursday - After taking Biscuit to school Wiggles and I tidied up before heading off to the dentist. She was very good and sat watching proceedings from her buggy. Afterwards we went to the supermarket to take back the black top I'd bought above. The fabric was horrible! Like a kind of breathable sports material. Ugh! I pushed Wiggles around the supermarket in one of the trolley cars, which she thought was marvellous fun! She cried when it was time to get out. I started to feel a little queasy on the drive back home, but thought nothing of it. We came back home, Wiggles had lunch and a short nap. Mum collected Biscuit from school to take her to ballet. I felt really yucky. When Mr Husband came home I was sick as a dog and took to my bed. I spent the whole evening there so no cinema for us afterall :( 

Friday - Woke up still feeling lousy so phoned in sick to work. Stayed in bed all morning. Got up later in the day, but stil felt lousy. Eventually I had an early night. Ugh. Biscuit made me a Get Well card though, which was nice:

Saturday - I felt about a million miles better! I made a poached egg for Wiggles and the thought didn't make me feel queasy, progress indeed! For some ridiculous reason our kettle decided to break. I am not a girl that survives easily without coffee so we went and bought a new one pretty much immediately! After a really yummy lunch prepared by Mr Husband he nipped out with my Dad to help move a writing desk that he'd bought for my Mum. Mr Husband watched the football and my Dad and I walked the children and the woofers to the swings. We put the small people to bed a whole hour late hoping to fool them into not sussing the clocks changing! MWAHAHAHA 

Sunday - Mother's Day! I woke up to FOUR cards from my darling girls. Biscuit and I went to church with my Mum. Wiggles stayed with her Daddy. Biscuit made me a coaster for my tea. Check out those hooters! 

After we came home we had a quick lunch before heading out on a lovely long walk together. 

We were too popped to cook so we bought a takeaway and all shared (naughty naughty). It was lovely! I had to feed the Smalls lots of fruit to balance things out! 

In the evening I finished off the baby blanket I've been making for Biscuit's school teacher. What do you think?

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. That blanket is amazing! What a lovely gift. And Happy Mother's Day! ps. Biscuit's hair is perfect! Also, I'm glad you feel better <3 And that initial skirt is adorable!

    1. Yay, I kept that one! Thank you my dear! And belated Happy UK Mother's Day to you too! xx

  2. The blanket is adorable! Good to know your daughter admires your figure too lol. So glad you are feeling better & can't wait for the new clothes fashion shoe!

    1. *show, not shoe. Although I think that probably means you should nip out & pick up a new pair too lol

    2. Thank you! I really must try and be better at doing OOTD stuff shouldn't I? xx


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