Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Lovely Little Giveaway!

I am ridiculously excited to announce that I am taking part in a very lovely little giveaway together with eight, that's right, you heard me EIGHT other lovely bloggers.  It's being hosted by Tabetha at The Closet Intellectual and gives one lucky winner a change to win a plethora of gorgeous items., I am seriously lusting after that amazing apron!  What I really love about this giveaway, apart from the fabulous prizes on offer, is it's simplicity. I often look at giveaways on blogs and think; I'd really like to enter that, but I can't be bothered with all the excessive rules that you have to follow to join in.   Take a photograph of yourself with a bucket on your head to win?  It just doesn't appeal. Well not here my lovelies!  You're just clicks away from winning the whole kit and kaboodle!

I am also celebrating a little this week, I am happy as the infamous Larry to have reached 50 followers!  I am gobsmacked, astounded and chuffed to bits!  Thank you all so much.  This little giveaway has been planned for a little while, but I never imagined it would coincide with such a happy event for me, and it just seems like an extra special way to celebrate my little milestone.

So, fancy a butchers at what's on offer?  Well!

Great hey?  And they're all great blogs too, well worth visiting if you're on the lookout for a new read.  So!  Try your luck.... you never know!  Good luck my lovelies! And Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I am posting this week's Currently a little early as I have some very exciting plans afoot for Thursday....

However I am, as always, very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their Currently series.  This week I have been:

new places for me! On Saturday night, at my ripe old age I visited a gay club in town for the first ever time in my life. I thought it was flippin' brilliant! I was fascinated by the beautiful creatures there, it was all I could do not to stare open mouthed. I saw a totally different side to a friend of mine; that boy can DANCE! I mean really, really dance. Just amazingly. So much fun. Though in the end my age did let me down and the boom-boom-boom of the music made me feel a little giddy.

Working: in truth I can't think of much I've been working at this past week. I had Friday off from proper work, so I haven't even done as much as usual. We were meant to squeeze in an allotment trip last weekend, but the ground was too frozen. Bumpers!

Creating:  That Baby wins the creating crown this week. She has a renewed love of drawing that returned during the school holidays. Her pictures are becoming so detailed now. People have hands, feet, even eyelashes all of a sudden. Some have babies in their tummies too, so cute!

Loving:  Watching This Baby crawl. Her new skill! It's so sweet. She hasn't quite mastered it yet, her arms lead and her legs seem to follow. But she gets there! Fast sometimes. She's a daredevil that's for sure. That Baby never had such guts....

Missing:  Elmer the Hamster! That Baby's new toy. Lost somewhere in the house, try as we might we can't unearth him. She is planning to make missing posters. She saw one once about a missing dog and it worried her for weeks.

Next week: Eating, Drinking, Listening, Reading, Thinking.

Join in?


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Monday, 25 February 2013

I am who I am!

I swear some Mums are worse than the kids themselves! We've just got back from our first school run of the new term. It's always going to be a bit fraught isn't it? Surely everyone's in a hurry and a bit on edge? I assumed that was a pretty universal feeling.

Two things happened on our school run this morning that have made me seethe. We walk to school each morning. We are lucky enough to live in a village with its own school and we're only a short walk away. We got up, ready and left the house, running late of course. I'd forgotten to write in That Baby's reading log and I really wanted to point out how hard she'd be practicing her words and how desperate she is to read, so that set us back a bit.

On our way down the road we saw a lady from the village who is a mutual friend of a number of my close friends, but on a personal level we've never really clicked. I think we have quite differing outlooks. I am naturally quite positive, her glass is very much half empty. I've made a real effort to be nice to her and to be inclusive, but to be honest I've pretty much given up the ghost. I'm only ever met with sarcasm from her or (really quite patronising) comments. For example I once said "This Baby had a better night last night" she retorted with something like "Well your children are just perfect aren't they?" Now I am not a naive person, I fully comprehend that you can't get on with everyone and that sometimes through no fault of their own, people just aren't your cup of tea. I'm even quite happy NOT to be everyone's friend. I don't feel the desperation I felt in my youth to please everyone, to fit in and be liked. I am who I am. I'm not changing that. Take me or leave me, I don't mind. But have the common courtesy to at least be civil to me.

This morning the lady is question was walking her children to school just ahead of us. Generally speaking when you spot someone walking close to you, clearly on the way to school you walk together and chat right? Not her! She pulled her hat down over her face, pretended not to see me and nigh on ran to get some distance between us. I'd like to say I wasn't bothered, but it truth I found it quite hurtful. Seriously, can she not even stomach a five minute conversation with me for the sake of politeness? Sod you then!

We carried on walking, purposefully slowly now and arrived at school just after the bell rang. This Baby's classroom is up a small alleyway and isn't the easiest place to negotiate with a buggy. At the top of the path, blocking our way with a gaggle of children too young for school was a local Mum who had completed her drop off. She was stood with a few other Mums on their way back out. Sadly she is another person I've never really been particularly friendly with, though we're capable of conversation, I just don't really trust her. I've noticed that she has a habit of getting people to say something negative about a person, by backing them into a conversational corner, then quoting their (forced) comment back to the person they'd been discussing. I don't like to talk negatively behind other people's backs, though obviously I realise it happens. And i suppose I do it sometimes, but only with people I really trust not to blab. Because of this practice I feel guarded around her and make sure nothing I say can be misconstrued.

On my way past her this morning my buggy wheel caught on something and I couldn't get it to move. Instead of helping me, she put her hands in her hips and said loudly and sarcastically "Come on Kate, sort it out!" The gaggle of Mums she was with all laughed as though she was hysterical.

I know that's not much of a thing, but after the little bit of unpleasantness on our walk in I felt close to tears. I said nothing, though I probably looked daggers at her, yanked the buggy out of its predicament and quickly walked That Baby to her classroom. It would have made the world of difference to me if someone had even offered to help me rather than pointing out my lateness and my stuck-ness and laughing at me. I felt like a child surrounded by bitchy girls again!

I've got home now, had a cuppa and a think about it and I've decided, you know what, sod the lot of you! If that's the way you roll, I don't give a stuff. I've decided that my future response will be to "out nice" these women. I'll shout "Good Morning" at the top of my voice to the woman retreating across the road at speed. I'll tell the condescending moo who belittles me that "I'm so happy to see you after a week away". Let 'em hate me for it, I don't care. At least I will still be smiling, I'll be dammed if they're going to break my spirit!

Happy Monday to you all! To every single person in the whole world. Miserable sods and lovely sweet people (my readers) alike. Have the most wonderful Monday you've ever had in your whole lives!

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Saturday, 23 February 2013


A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2013

8/52 Simple pleasures - chips in the park during Half Term

 photo 1E519D93-05CC-4ACD-A291-2930604152F1-4028-000003C477F9CF55_zpsce9e6504.jpg
8/52 Bee Baby.  When did you get so big?

We've had a lovely week. That Baby has been off on her school holidays so we've spent our days lazing about in our pyjamas and doing frivolous things like having fish and chips in the park for our lunch.

My Mum bought This Baby a bee babygro, when That Baby was tiny I had the idea that she'd grow up liking bees. I think This Baby is more into frogs and ladybirds, but she looks cute as a bee too. She looks so long though! I can't believe how fast she seems to be growing. She started crawling this week too. I'm sure it's because her big sister has been at home encouraging her that she managed to make the leap from just being on all fours. Happy days.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

A Little More Faith...

Earlier this week I did something stupid, I forgot to print out a parking ticket in a free car park.

You don't have to pay, but you're supposed to print a ticket and put it on display to show how long you've been in the car park. It's so easy to forget when you have children (well A child) jumping up and down yelling "We're going to the climbing frames, we're going to the climbing frames" at the top of her voice whilst impersonating a madly pogo-ing punk.

Even more stupidly it's not even the first time I've done this, I forgot once before when I was pregnant and my brain was mush, and I got a £15 fine which I could ill afford.

I walked back to car the other day and realised what I done, my stomach flipped over and I approached with utter dread expecting to spot one of those evil black and yellow envelopes mercilessly slapped on my windscreen. Only this time my dread turned first to happiness and then to gratitude. Some wonderful person had printed out a ticket for me and placed it under my windscreen wiper. It didn't cost them anything, just a little thought. But my gosh I appreciated it. Thank you so much to that kind anonymous stranger. I'm so, so grateful for that wonderful thoughtful gesture.

It was a small gift that I took very gladly. I've also taken heart from this: there are some very kind people out there, which I too often tend to forget. In our Daily Mail driven society we look at all strangers assuming they're paedophiles, murderers or worse. I'm guilty of eyeing people suspiciously when they're just trying to be nice.

I'm not claiming I'm going to stop doing that overnight but I am planning to check the cars around me when I park. One day I hope to find a ticket-less car and share the love.

Has a thoughtful stranger ever saved your bacon?

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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Once again I am very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their Currently series.  This week I have been:

doughnut lipgloss without paying. We had an incident this week; whilst wandering around a shop That Baby picked up a little lipgloss and asked me of she could have it. I said no, it was tacky and would have been messy! We left the shop and after a little while had passed my darling announced "Mama, I still have this" and revealed the lipgloss still in her paw. I took her back into the shop, explained the situation to the assistant and That Baby apologised for doing a bad thing. Albeit inadvertently (I hope). Then she cried. And I felt bad. I probably frightened her a little, but it was an important lesson for her I think. I don't think she'll take something from a shop without paying again.

Giving: it's the school holidays this week, I've tried to do some lovely things with my girls, I hope I've given them some happy memories. I save my pennies up for half term, it feels lovely to be able to treat them to the little things without worrying. Soft play followed by fish & chips in the park? Sure why not!

Teaching: we're still trying to teach That Baby to read. It's so frustrating, I have nothing but admiration for her real teachers. She can read the individual letters, but can't form the word. It tends to go a bit like this: Me "c-a-t, c-a-t...what does it say? Her: "Barnacle?!!" Me: "Gah! No, no, no, no, no!" *bashes head repeatedly on table top*

Learning:  to be more patient! See above. We will get there. I may have torn all my hair out by that point, but I will learn something from this alongside trying my best to teach.

Looking:  forward to a BIG night out with some old friends and new on Saturday. It's going to be epic. Not like that night with the straw, the dodgy ears and the twisted ankles, that was a shade too far....but definitely one to look forward to...

Next week: Visiting, Working, Creating, Loving, Missing.

Join in?


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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Life to a Schedule and some BIG decisions...

I came into the #lbloggers chat taking place on Twitter on Sunday night just as it was wrapping up - silly me! Is this a weekly event? If so, can anyone let me know the details? I'd love to join in sometime in the future, or a least read along!

Despite being too late to join in I found it very interesting to read back in some of the discussions that took place. One of the topics raised was that of post scheduling and when people blog....funnily enough the same subject has been on my mind lately.

A good number of my favourite blogs post something daily and I'd always quite liked that. I think I like a pattern. In my enthusiasm as a new blogger I was brimming over with post ideas and so posted very frequently as a result. Now my initial desire to post constantly has abated slightly I've been giving some thought to some sort of loose posting schedule.

I've always believed that the quality of a post is way more important than just trotting out any old thing in order to throw something out there every day. As I work two very long days twice a week it's just not sensible to push myself to post on those days. I think I've found a nice level of things that I like to join in with like Currently and 52. I like the direction that these little projects give me and I really enjoy seeing other people's take on them.

So, I think I'm going to try out a nice little posting pattern that I hope will fit in nicely with things here.

Once again (and I know I've said or before, but pah!) I am enjoying my little foray onto the blogging world so much. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to comment, follow or join me as I ramble on. I really think you're all fabulous :)

On another note, as I may have mentioned (just a few) times before, I'm hoping to order a new soft structured carrier for This Baby this week from Sleepy Nico. I am so torn between fabrics! I think I've narrowed it down to just two now (either of which I'd be happy to have) but I'd love to hear your opinions?

So let me know; red apples or purple houses?

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of
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Monday, 18 February 2013


Well! Where do I start? I thought I'd treat myself to a swanky new blog design. I'm very pleased with it, it's swirly and pretty and a million times better and more coherent than anything I could ever come up with myself. I have to thank the lovely Carrie at Carrie Loves Design for her excellent design skills and jaw droppingly speedy installation (clicky linky at the bottom of the page). I would definitely recommend her to anyone without hesitation. What do you think?

I managed to mess up my blog when tidying up a little and (somehow) accidentally republished a load of old posts. Apologies if I clogged up your feed a little this weekend!

Speaking of weekends, I've had a lovely one, hope you have too? It's been one of those where we haven't really done much, but I've really enjoyed it.

Saturday morning I had a lovely lay in, which felt decadent and was very much appreciated. In the afternoon we all went to the supermarket to chose some food for a meal for my in-laws who were coming to visit Sunday. I love doing this, it's sad I know, but planning a lovely meal excites me!

When we got home I cleaned the house. Again, I know it's sad, but there's something quite therapeutic about having a bit of time to scrub things down, freshen them up and have a bit of an organise. I laugh at my Mum because she is OBSESSED with cleaning. She does it pretty much everyday. I do think it's unnatural to clean that much...

Saturday evening Mr Husband and I snuggled on the sofa in a nice clean lounge with the fire on watching Lewis. We've both detoxed from Sky now, it's nice to watch itv player and feel smug at it being free! We also ate toffee popcorn and I watched like a hawk to make sure none was dropped.

Sunday morning Mr Husband had his turn for a lay in. When he got up he started making lunch for everyone. My Ma & Pa in law arrived with a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whisky and a bottle of Jack Daniels for us; brilliant! They were given them as Christmas gifts and don't really drink so we got lucky!

We ate a lovely roast dinner together and they played with the children before heading home. Once they'd left we decided to go for a stroll up to our allotment. I put the baby into her Moby Wrap as it'd be muddy and I couldn't face yucky pram wheels! I'm hoping to FINALLY be able to get myself the Sleepy Nico carrier that I've had my heart set on for so long after I get paid.  I might trouble you all for your opinions on fabrics soon as I'm having a tough time deciding.  The problem is they're all too nice!  Anyway, it might be the last time I carry my girl in her snuggly cuddly wrap, which makes me kinda sad...

On our way out on our little walk we bumped into Impressive E & Impressive D who we share our plot with. They'd spent the day planting in some new fruit trees and moving some existing plants about. We made arrangements to spend the day there together next weekend. We've got a lot of tidying to do, and a lot of the beds need digging over and smartening up. I can't wait!  I'm hoping Impressive D will agree to a winter BBQ.  Happy days!

After a short walk we headed home to eat my Dad's homemade celery soup (YUMMERS), put the little ones to bed then we had homemade treacle sponge. What hoover pigs we are, this weekend seems to have been all about food!  A happy one though.

So! That's been our weekend, hope you've had a lovely one too?

Walk snap

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Saturday, 16 February 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013

7/52 My lil leopard...

7/52 Pancake Day, with ducks...

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Once again I am very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their Currently series.  This week I have been:

This Baby's new leopard print dress. She looks like Bam-Bam from The Flintstones. Which is definitely a good thing

Dreaming: I had an awful dream this week about being chased. I had to try and hide the baby under leaves. I don't know why.

Admiring: the other ladies at my Stitch & Bitch group's handiwork. Those crafty ladies were sewing, knitting and embroidering up a storm. I so wish I could produce some of the gems they create.

Kissing: my girl's and my boy. Who else?!

Gifting: This Baby's little clothes to friends with younger girls. Down the line they go! It's lovely to see someone else in an outfit I loved, but that my wee one has grown out of. In a fabulous act of karma I also gained a great big bag of big clothes. Huzzah! On a side note, why does other people's washing powder always smell so much more fabulous than my own?

Next week: Taking, Giving, Teaching, Learning, Looking.

Join in?


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

St Valentines? Not a fan...

I am massively unimpressed by Valentine's Day, I definitely don't think it should be necessary to force couples to publicly show their love for one another in order to keep up with other couples.  Ugh.  The whole idea makes me pukey.

But, I am not a Scrooge.  I appreciate that some people like it and think it's cool, and that's fine by me.  So, here are a few things that I do love.  Not all of the things I love, there isn't a big enough blog space in the known universe....

1 - Mr Husband Sir,  he is the best boy ever.  He even puts up with me.
2 - My little family.  They rock
3 - My Best Girl.  I can't tell you how much I love this chick
4 - My girls.  The little sister thing they have going on makes me so flippin' happy.

So.  How about you?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Village Take On Public Breastfeeding...

This village is bonkers. It's great, but it's bonkers.

The other day whilst at a church coffee morning (they have the BEST coffee) a lady asked me if the milk in This Baby's bottle was my own. Aside from being a pretty odd question, I wasn't sure what answer she wanted me to give her...

I was truthful and said that no, it was Hipp Organic formula, I had breastfed both my girls until a month old, but found it extremely difficult and made the decision to switch.

"Good" she said "it's all very well breastfeeding, but I can't abide women doing it in public" I wasn't sure what to say really, I don't agree, but I didnt want to cause offence. in the end I elected to go with "Erm, ok" in reply... "I mean SEX is natural isn't it?" she continued "but I don't see the need to do THAT in the middle of an AGM"

This lady is the same age as my Mum.  I mean, what am I meant to do with my face when someone says a thing like that? I didn't think I was a prude, but I clearly am, YOU said sex and now I am embarrassed and you look like that's hysterical because that's exactly what you intended. Curse you clever granny and your sneaky saucy conversation. This isn't about breastfeeding at all is it? You just wanted to sneak the word sex into conversation and freak me out didn't you? YOU ARE COMPLETELY BONKERS! Just so you know....

This Baby's "I don't care where it's from, just gimme the milk" face. She was so small! 

Monday, 11 February 2013

An Ode to Glorious Slash...

I am a big fan of Slash of Guns n Roses/Velvet Revolver fame. Always have been. In the summer, when This Baby was tiny and I nursed her in the wee small hours my mind wandered over to the subject of The Marvellous Mr Slash. It was his birthday, and I had not slept much. I wrote this ode to the great man and promptly forgot all about it, until I found it hidden in a note on my phone the other day. I thought I'd share it with you, partly as proof that you go a little bonkers when you are sleep deprived and partly to show that I should definitely not quit my day job with overblown dreams of becoming a poet. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you;

An Ode to Slash

Oh Slash, lovely Slash,
You may have lots of cash....
but you're also a remarkably talented man, despite some questionable sartorial choices in your past.....

Your wife's name is Perla,
But in many ways it's a shame you're married, cos you're enough to give a girl a......
curly feeling in her fanaca....

You were born in Stoke-on-Trent,
where some might say long hair & leather kecks make you look bent,
but not me.
I've always admired your ability to look truly individual, although I do think some of your tattoos are a little iffy....

Your birthday is today...
So enjoy, and make hay
And feel free to turn this into some sort of cliff-top based guitar ballad, but remember to shove some of the royalties in my direction eh love?

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Thought I'd do a little round up of what's been happening in my neck of the woods:

• Mr Husband Sir has now recovered from the evil sick bugs and I'm hoping that we're all on the road to recovery. I am so bored of germs! As soon as this snot disappears I am determined to stay fighting fit...

• That Baby came home from school Friday beaming with pride at receiving a special award sticker from her Headteacher. I was a proud Mumma. We asked her what it was for and she replied "Sitting still and keeping quiet" . Hey, you've gotta take praise wherever you can get it, right? *despair*

• I'm planning my first night on the tiles since "This Baby" arrived in a couple of weeks. Some friends from work and I are plotting cocktails and amusing dancing, I am ridiculously excited, it's all in the anticipation for me!

• We don't "do" Valentines here, it makes me wretch. Love how Husband checks every year that I haven't irrationally changed my mind. This year I'm going to a WI meeting instead. I'm dead looking forward to it, we have a speaker coming to talk about Haute Couture who worked in some of the big fashion houses. In our little village? How cool is that?

• Last night we joined my Ma and Pa in their extension for a really lovely meal cooked by Pa. I didn't picture the starter, it was too delicious and didn't last long: Brie cheesecake. Amazing! Followed by quail, followed by posh trifle (retro) followed by coffee and white port (who knew?) flippin YUMMERS all of it, thanks Pa xxxx

That's about it really..... How are tricks with you?

Saturday, 9 February 2013


A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013

6/52 - when they don't know you're looking...

Friday, 8 February 2013

A Bloggy Challenge? Count me in!

Have you met Tabetha at The Closet Intellectual yet?  Bow your heads in SHAME if you said no!  I insist, repeat INSIST that you head directly over there the minute you have finished reading this, really quite random, but nevertheless important post!  I love Tabetha, she is LOREMASTER.  Really actual Loremaster.  And she's a Professor to boot!  Her blog is a brilliant place to be, not only is she an all round fab lady, she teaches me stuff I've been tying myself in knots trying to work out, in a way that makes me go "OH! Seems so simple now YOU say it....."  plus her Squirrel selection....well!  You'll have to pop over there just to see what I'm talking about...

Anyhoo, when she suggested participating in a little community bloggy fun I jumped at the chance!  So together with dear Bel from Journeys are my Diary and a whole host of other wonderful ladies we thought we'd bring you the opportunity to have some new blog based reading matter plopped handily on your doorstep. A little along the line we're plotting a fabulous multiple blog give away as well so do stay tuned for that....for details of those involved have a butchers at Tabetha's blog.

But to begin I'm following Tabetha's lead and have listed five truly random facts all about little old me (oh, and Tabetha, I stole your number icons, they just look so squashy!:

I once burst my own ear drum with an alice band on a night out. It was a beautiful thin silver wire with a tiny crown on it. Oooh look, a picture from that very night:

Yes, it's a little fuzzy, I think we were all a little fuzzy...

I wanted to take it off to brush my hair but it got caught, so I yanked it backwards and forwards in frustration and it perforated my ear drum. It wasn't all that painful (although I may have had a little wine) but man, it was LOUD! It made a sound like an elastic band pinging in my head. I went to find my friends to tell them what I'd done and no one believed me! They kept saying I'd probably just nudged it a bit and that I'd be fine. Samuel, if you're reading this you should NEVER be a doctor. For months afterwards when I blew my nose air puffed out of my ear.

If I find something truly funny I laugh so much I snort. In my youth, during my far more self conscious days I used to hate it and was so embarrassed that I tried my best not to laugh at anything in case a snort should accidentally slip out.  What a boring old fart I must have seemed!  I'm over it now, older, wiser and I care far less about the silly stuff.  Nowadays I embrace it and just declare "Ooops, pig noise!" if it happens  By my reckoning if I emit a pig noise whilst talking to you, you should be pretty flattered!

When I married I dyed the front piece of my hair pink to match my colour theme. It's not that I'm insanely matchy matchy. I am insanely matchy matchy.  There's no point trying to deny it.  I like things to match.  It makes me happy.  My hair has also been red and purple but my favourite was blue.  I would quite happily buy blue clothes to match my hair..  I definitely miss the colour in my life. It might come back one day....

My second toe is longer than my big toe! It's the same length as my little finger. Apparently that makes me exceptionally clever - ha! I know some people are freaked out by feet, thankfully I am not, because my feet are clearly pretty freaky.  I hate the thought of having that weird fish treatment where whitebait type things nibble at your dead foot skin.  Ewww.

I love to collect 1940s and 1950s style dresses. My halter neck pencil dresses made by Vivien of Holloway are my favourite "going out" dresses of all time. I have the same dress in about eight different fabrics. Here's me sporting the black and white polka frock:

Incapable of looking serious....

Ok, admittedly this picture isn't really much better than the last one, but at least isn't fuzzy this time.  I know you can only see the top half of my favourite ever dress, but it's the best I could muster.  Plus it gave me the chance to put up a picture of two of my dearest friends Berg on the left and My Best Gal on the right.  They aren't really miserable, they were doing Morrissey impressions.  Which I ruined by smiling!  This photograph also illustrates my hair colouring fetish, refer to point 3!  Oh yes, and the matchy matchy problem....

SO!  I would love it if you would join in with us.  List five totally utterly random things about you and link back here, lets get something started!


Thursday, 7 February 2013


Once again I am very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their Currently series.  These week I have been:

Wondering: if it's time to take up a frivolous ME hobby. I've started to feel a bit dull when people ask what my interests are, "Erm, child rearing, watching telly" not exactly terribly interesting stuff. I wonder what I fancy though.....

Loathing: sick bugs. Mr Husband now has one. In addition I am loathing constantly cleaning, disinfecting and dealing with all the jobs on my own. Ugh. I am a selfish bag I know. I hope he feels better soon.

Cooking: chicken soup. Feeding the sick. It's what you're meant to do isn't it?

Reading: a friend once told me that one of the reasons she loves her Kindle is because she can read stuff that isn't exactly clever or impressive and nobody needs to know! Ha! I am terrible for trying to get a sneaky peek at what others are reading on the bus, train or in a coffee shop, but I don't have the slightest care about someone checking out my reading choices and thinking I'm peculiar.  At the moment I am proud to be reading: Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum. Fascinating. I might be a bit of a geek...

Listening: To Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou. STILL. It's been the only thing I want to hear for an age now. Just so beautiful, totally in love with their harmonies.

Next week: Loving, Dreaming, Admiring, Kissing, Gifting....

Join in?