Friday, 8 February 2013

A Bloggy Challenge? Count me in!

Have you met Tabetha at The Closet Intellectual yet?  Bow your heads in SHAME if you said no!  I insist, repeat INSIST that you head directly over there the minute you have finished reading this, really quite random, but nevertheless important post!  I love Tabetha, she is LOREMASTER.  Really actual Loremaster.  And she's a Professor to boot!  Her blog is a brilliant place to be, not only is she an all round fab lady, she teaches me stuff I've been tying myself in knots trying to work out, in a way that makes me go "OH! Seems so simple now YOU say it....."  plus her Squirrel selection....well!  You'll have to pop over there just to see what I'm talking about...

Anyhoo, when she suggested participating in a little community bloggy fun I jumped at the chance!  So together with dear Bel from Journeys are my Diary and a whole host of other wonderful ladies we thought we'd bring you the opportunity to have some new blog based reading matter plopped handily on your doorstep. A little along the line we're plotting a fabulous multiple blog give away as well so do stay tuned for that....for details of those involved have a butchers at Tabetha's blog.

But to begin I'm following Tabetha's lead and have listed five truly random facts all about little old me (oh, and Tabetha, I stole your number icons, they just look so squashy!:

I once burst my own ear drum with an alice band on a night out. It was a beautiful thin silver wire with a tiny crown on it. Oooh look, a picture from that very night:

Yes, it's a little fuzzy, I think we were all a little fuzzy...

I wanted to take it off to brush my hair but it got caught, so I yanked it backwards and forwards in frustration and it perforated my ear drum. It wasn't all that painful (although I may have had a little wine) but man, it was LOUD! It made a sound like an elastic band pinging in my head. I went to find my friends to tell them what I'd done and no one believed me! They kept saying I'd probably just nudged it a bit and that I'd be fine. Samuel, if you're reading this you should NEVER be a doctor. For months afterwards when I blew my nose air puffed out of my ear.

If I find something truly funny I laugh so much I snort. In my youth, during my far more self conscious days I used to hate it and was so embarrassed that I tried my best not to laugh at anything in case a snort should accidentally slip out.  What a boring old fart I must have seemed!  I'm over it now, older, wiser and I care far less about the silly stuff.  Nowadays I embrace it and just declare "Ooops, pig noise!" if it happens  By my reckoning if I emit a pig noise whilst talking to you, you should be pretty flattered!

When I married I dyed the front piece of my hair pink to match my colour theme. It's not that I'm insanely matchy matchy. I am insanely matchy matchy.  There's no point trying to deny it.  I like things to match.  It makes me happy.  My hair has also been red and purple but my favourite was blue.  I would quite happily buy blue clothes to match my hair..  I definitely miss the colour in my life. It might come back one day....

My second toe is longer than my big toe! It's the same length as my little finger. Apparently that makes me exceptionally clever - ha! I know some people are freaked out by feet, thankfully I am not, because my feet are clearly pretty freaky.  I hate the thought of having that weird fish treatment where whitebait type things nibble at your dead foot skin.  Ewww.

I love to collect 1940s and 1950s style dresses. My halter neck pencil dresses made by Vivien of Holloway are my favourite "going out" dresses of all time. I have the same dress in about eight different fabrics. Here's me sporting the black and white polka frock:

Incapable of looking serious....

Ok, admittedly this picture isn't really much better than the last one, but at least isn't fuzzy this time.  I know you can only see the top half of my favourite ever dress, but it's the best I could muster.  Plus it gave me the chance to put up a picture of two of my dearest friends Berg on the left and My Best Gal on the right.  They aren't really miserable, they were doing Morrissey impressions.  Which I ruined by smiling!  This photograph also illustrates my hair colouring fetish, refer to point 3!  Oh yes, and the matchy matchy problem....

SO!  I would love it if you would join in with us.  List five totally utterly random things about you and link back here, lets get something started!



  1. Woot!!! So many ouches about the eardrum & loves about the dresses! You are a bit freaky with the toe thing, but I'll forgive you because your obvious awesomeness overpowers it lol
    OH & I got the numbers here:
    You should totally sign up & download cool things lol

    1. Cool, thank you! I'm heading over for a snoop. You are soooo handy :)

  2. Me too! I love 40's & 50's style and WISH I was collecting them... And I had to brace myself as I read through your ear adventure. I don't know what it is with ears... maybe that scene from the Wrath of Khan (Star Trek) has gone subliminal. Anyway. Sure enjoyed the breeziness and humor of your post! Lynaea @

    1. Ooooh is that the one where wormy things get in their ears? I am very glad I didn't think of that at the time! Thankfully it's all healed up now so no chance of anything wormy sneaking in whilst I sleep! Thank you for your kind words, just heading over your way for a good read :)

  3. Holy cow your eardrum???!!! Sounds awful, but I love how you can make it sound hilarious.

    1. To be really truthful, it sounds a lot worse than it actually was! It was just such a strange thing to manage to do, no wonder nobody believed me! There was quite an amusing situation the next day when I went to the walk-in clinic to get it checked, the lady at the reception desk kept asking me questions I couldn't hear from behind a pane of glass so I was turning my head to my good side and shouting "I've hurt my ear" when all she was trying to do was take my name. All good fun!

  4. Eardrum what?! That is terrifying! I used to snort when I laughed and hated it so much (out of self-consciousness only) that I trained myself not to (this when I was like 11 or 13 or something and completely awkward) and anyways now I just don't snort at all anymore and well, I just love that you embraced the snort!

    1. Eardr crazy huh? Silly hairband!

      Bring back your snort! Say it once and say it loud, I snort and I'm proud! ;) xx I bet there are loads of secret snorters out there...


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