Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I am posting this week's Currently a little early as I have some very exciting plans afoot for Thursday....

However I am, as always, very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their Currently series.  This week I have been:

new places for me! On Saturday night, at my ripe old age I visited a gay club in town for the first ever time in my life. I thought it was flippin' brilliant! I was fascinated by the beautiful creatures there, it was all I could do not to stare open mouthed. I saw a totally different side to a friend of mine; that boy can DANCE! I mean really, really dance. Just amazingly. So much fun. Though in the end my age did let me down and the boom-boom-boom of the music made me feel a little giddy.

Working: in truth I can't think of much I've been working at this past week. I had Friday off from proper work, so I haven't even done as much as usual. We were meant to squeeze in an allotment trip last weekend, but the ground was too frozen. Bumpers!

Creating:  That Baby wins the creating crown this week. She has a renewed love of drawing that returned during the school holidays. Her pictures are becoming so detailed now. People have hands, feet, even eyelashes all of a sudden. Some have babies in their tummies too, so cute!

Loving:  Watching This Baby crawl. Her new skill! It's so sweet. She hasn't quite mastered it yet, her arms lead and her legs seem to follow. But she gets there! Fast sometimes. She's a daredevil that's for sure. That Baby never had such guts....

Missing:  Elmer the Hamster! That Baby's new toy. Lost somewhere in the house, try as we might we can't unearth him. She is planning to make missing posters. She saw one once about a missing dog and it worried her for weeks.

Next week: Eating, Drinking, Listening, Reading, Thinking.

Join in?


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  1. I love these posts each week, great for keeping everyone up to date! Can't believe you have just been to a gay club! I went to my first at 18! But then I did college around the corner from the Pink Triangle in Newcastle ;)

    When they start crawling it's so cute! Mine is up to crawling on her hands and feet as she's just about walking but can't get her balance yet. SOOO funny!

    Amy x

    1. It seems funny to me too! I think my lack of attendance was mainly because there wasn't a gay club locally (strange I know) rather than any youthful homophobia!

      Oh bless her! They seem so grown up once they're upright don't they? Lovely though xx

  2. Aw such special times when they start crawling - I remember it like it was yesterday :) xx


    1. It's funny really, she's so proud of herself! She's earned herself the nickname Dangermouse. Mr Husband sings "Wherever there is danger she'll be there...." at her. This is going to be fun!

  3. Your littlest and my Loretta are certainly kindred spirits! And Otto and your oldest may be as well (at least he too has become a detail artist lately)... We used to go to the gay club in NYC (years ago, pre-kids, when we lived there) because it had the best 80s night. Those beautiful boys made me feel like a frump! So pretty and so athletic! I always loved it and am so glad you got a night out! xo

    1. I love it that they sound so similar! The thought of each of them having a little overseas parallel warms my heart! :) xx


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