Thursday, 21 February 2013


Once again I am very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their Currently series.  This week I have been:

doughnut lipgloss without paying. We had an incident this week; whilst wandering around a shop That Baby picked up a little lipgloss and asked me of she could have it. I said no, it was tacky and would have been messy! We left the shop and after a little while had passed my darling announced "Mama, I still have this" and revealed the lipgloss still in her paw. I took her back into the shop, explained the situation to the assistant and That Baby apologised for doing a bad thing. Albeit inadvertently (I hope). Then she cried. And I felt bad. I probably frightened her a little, but it was an important lesson for her I think. I don't think she'll take something from a shop without paying again.

Giving: it's the school holidays this week, I've tried to do some lovely things with my girls, I hope I've given them some happy memories. I save my pennies up for half term, it feels lovely to be able to treat them to the little things without worrying. Soft play followed by fish & chips in the park? Sure why not!

Teaching: we're still trying to teach That Baby to read. It's so frustrating, I have nothing but admiration for her real teachers. She can read the individual letters, but can't form the word. It tends to go a bit like this: Me "c-a-t, c-a-t...what does it say? Her: "Barnacle?!!" Me: "Gah! No, no, no, no, no!" *bashes head repeatedly on table top*

Learning:  to be more patient! See above. We will get there. I may have torn all my hair out by that point, but I will learn something from this alongside trying my best to teach.

Looking:  forward to a BIG night out with some old friends and new on Saturday. It's going to be epic. Not like that night with the straw, the dodgy ears and the twisted ankles, that was a shade too far....but definitely one to look forward to...

Next week: Visiting, Working, Creating, Loving, Missing.

Join in?


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  1. C-A-T, what's that spell? Barnacle? LOL!!!!

    1. How she got barnacle I'll never know!!

  2. I think learning to be more patient is an ongoing parenting thing...

    I can't decide if doughnut lipgloss sounds amazing or disgusting!

    1. Hopefully I'll get better at it! Trust me, the lipgloss was horrible! :)

  3. Otto and That Baby are in super similar places in their lives, I think. We've been lifting craft supplies from school lately and treats from the pantry... but it IS sweet that they're guileless enough to confess to us, isn't it? I will be sad the day I discover he's been stealing and then became sneaky enough not to show me his stolen treasures! And the reading... we are in a close place. Otto does well sounding out words in books, I think the context helps. And the ones we do over and over and over (like DAD, MOM, GO) he remembers, but yes, "barnacle" is an amazing guess!

    1. You're right, it is very sweet that they're so willing to confess. It will be a sad, sad day when they do get sneaky, but I suppose it has to come :(

      Glad Otto does well with his reading! It will be lovely when they can sit down with a book won't it? :)

      Kate xx


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