Friday, 25 January 2013


I've decided to join in with Currently hosted by Harvesting Kale and OT and ET . This appeals to me as it  inspires me to be a bit more thoughtful. So I'm currently....

Watching: The Borgias. The Sky has gone! Pennies are being saved. My Dad has leant us his DVD box set, and whilst its no Game of Thrones it is starting to get quite gripping. I never want to be garrotted.

Instagramming: the snow. I'm a little fed up of snow now, well, icy slush. Either lets have lovely powdery perfect snow or nothing at all please.

Tasting: peanut brittle. I'm addicted. The salty, the sweet, the salty, the sweet. YUMMERS!

Listening: I love having my iPod on shuffle, that way I'm pleasantly surprised by what is chosen for me. This morning it was "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode. Dooo dooo doooo.....

Learning: my own job! After nearly eight months on Maternity Leave I'm trying to keep up with all the changes and I'm learning how to be Work Me again.

Next week: Loving, Wishing, Craving, Missing, Worrying.

Join in?



  1. It's so funny how you can say, "being garrotted would be the WORST," and there's absolutely no hyperbole there :) because that would suck so much. xo

    1. I definitely think that being garrotted would be one of the worst ending to a day ever. It would also be a shameful waste of an otherwise perfectly serviceable cheese wire ;) x

  2. Agreed.
    Being garrotted would, in fact & practice, suck.
    We are being iced currently as well & so I feel your pain. At least snow is pretty to look at. Icy slush is sort of a weather cop out.
    Brittles of all sorts are indeed the bomb.

    1. I now have the phrase "Garrotte Me Not" in my head and no idea what to do with it...

      I have an amazing brittle recipe, one day I might have to post it :) x

  3. The Borgias! Mean meaning to check it out, especially since our The Killing box set is about to run out (what will we do?! TALK to each other?!!!!!) Are you still enjoying it? Would you recommend?

    1. Haha, talking? Scary! We are on the fifth episode and its taken me until now to really get into it. Up until this point I think I could take or leave it. Definitely sticking with it now, but getting to this point was a commitment! ;)


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