Thursday, 31 January 2013


Loving: Poundland. I am probably the last one to the party I know, but whoah there EVERYTHING is a pound? One solitary British pound? I can barely tear myself away.....

Wishing: my dear old friend Joey the most marvellous memorable wedding day Saturday. I can't wait to see her and catch up.

Craving: firecracker lobster crisps. I can't get enough, if I could have a nosebag of them fitted I would seriously consider it. Wow crisp eating with no hands.....

Missing: small handbags. Illegal as a mother. Where would I keep the massive collection of emergency spare things that I am only going to need when I don't have them?

Worrying: about my girls they both have awful coughs, I can't bear hearing them. I am one of life's worriers.

Next week: Wondering, Loathing, Cooking, Reading, Listening.

Join in?



  1. Poundland is immense. I miss small handbags too and I don't even have your excuse! xx

  2. Hahahaha! Get thee a titchy handbag lady, while you still can! Do Poundland sell titchy handbags? That would be my idea of heaven!! :) xx

  3. I miss poundland, my home town doesn't have one.. I'm sure that is illegal!

    And oh god I so miss small handbags! I still use my nappy bag most of the time because I can't find a big one I love!

    Amy x


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