Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My last day of freedom...

I'm going back to work tomorrow following nine months of maternity leave.

I liked being pregnant, not just because of the tiny weeny little baby inside me, but also because it was a good excuse to be really bloomin' lazy....

Bulbous tummies also make excellent coffee tables, why get up if you don't have to?

I've just been hit with the realisation that not only have I got to leave my little tinkers tomorrow, but also that I'm going to have to keep working for the next thirty years. At least. Ugh!

I'm quite excited at the prospect of doing grown up stuff for a day, like buying posh coffee in a lidded takeaway cup rather than a juice drink that I have to share and eventually give up on when it turns into crumb filled small child soup.

I'm going to miss yapping to my friends on the school run, the Crime & Investigation Channel and eggs for breakfast. But mostly I'm going to miss gummy smiles, dribbley bibs and a kid that shouts "PRECIOUS!" and carps on about dinosaurs a lot....

Now I just have to scrape back together whatever is left of my half witted mummified brain and try and remember what it is exactly that I do again.  Oh yes, and I wonder what my was password was....?


  1. Think of the sanity of being able to talk normally. I still say ta, bic-bic and bot-bot to my friends though x


    1. Haha! That is a fantastically good point. Although somewhat worryingly I know exactly what a bic-bic and a bot-bot are without the need for any clarification!

  2. I had some very similar feelings about going back to work (and about changing from part time to full time). And I still miss my days at home now, but have to say the money is very nice and just have to make the most of the weekends and evenings now!

    1. Full time must be hard for you, I can only imagine how much organisation that must involve! You're tight though, it must make you appreciate your time together xx


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