Thursday, 7 March 2013


Once again I am very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their Currently series.  This week I have been:

Eating: Treacle sponge.  Our winter evening treat.  There's something about the cold weather that makes me want to eat pudding, I'm never usually that fussed.  I do make a mean treacle sponge, even if I do say so myself.

Drinking: Chai tea.  I've only just discovered it.  The perfect compliment to treacle sponge.  Oh how I love it.  Curse you Teapigs for your expensive, but wonderful tea.

Listening: I had my ipod on shuffle on my walk to work last week and discovered Frank Turner.  I'd never heard of him before, but I loved his style and his lyrics.  I don't know anything about him really, but I can't stop listening to his track "Long Live the Queen".  It's about the death of a dear friend. A completely brilliant take on it.

Reading: The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The Hungry Caterpillar. Elmer the Elephant. Over. And over. And over.

Thinking: I wish I could switch off thinking sometimes, I'm sure I'd get more sleep that way. I can't really list everything I've been thinking about, there's too much. I could list what I haven't thought about?! Blancmange! I haven't thought about blancmange once. Except just then, when I had to think about something I haven't thought about. Oh poop.

Next week: Watching, Craving, Looking, Loving, Planning.

Join in?


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  1. Hmm treacle sponge....yes there's something about winter that makes me want to comfort eat with warm puddings and big stews.

    Thanks for pointing me in Tabetha's direction for her blog and button tutorial, I shall let you know when I have made it, thanks for saying you'll add it to your page :)

    Lauren x

    I also just wanted to let you know I have a little something for you on my blog here:

    Lauren x

    1. Ahhhhh, Lauren, thank you so much! That's lovely of you, you're very kind!

      I look forward to adding your shiny new button! Have a great weekend xx

  2. I thought treacle was something JK Rowling invented. It's real and it's pudding? Like bread pudding? It sounds so delicious, the word makes me think of creme brulee, is it something like that?

    1. This made me smile so much! Treacle is just another word for golden syrup really (light coloured molasses I suppose) but in the UK there is one major syrup manufacturer called Tate and Lyle: They've been around for yonks and have never changed their packaging, something I think is marvellous. They have the most wonderful old fashioned green tins, which I can't bear to part with so we have hundreds dotted around the house used for storing things, buttons, spare change pots, we've even used them as baby toys filed with rice and rolled along the ground to make a lovely rattling sound. For some weird reason they have a dead lion surrounded by flies on the front, which I've never really understood, but we'll gloss over that! Treacle sponge is just a syrupy layer under a piece of sponge, but I tend to think of treacle as being the caramalised cooked syrup which takes on a darker, more toffee-ish colour. So you nearly had it with bread pudding. It is delicious! Next time we have it, I'll take a snap for you so you can see what I mean! I'd post you a bucket full if I could, it's excellent for make you feel better when you've been poorly xxxxx

    2. I do love treacle a ridiculous amount! I might actually have to dedicate an entire post to my love of the stuff! Hmmmm...there's a thought!


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