Friday, 1 March 2013

Fashions fade, style is eternal...

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kate and I am an addict. Thankfully, my addiction is (in my humble opinion) an excellent, and completely none scary one with very little chance of wrecking my entire life. I am completely and hopelessly addicted to dresses. I would say that I spend a good chunk of my life looking at (read drooling over) dresses online, getting my fix. It's a constant and an unquenchable thirst for the next favourite frock.

I've talked before about the assumption that a girl in a dress is a girl that's made a modicum of effort. Perversely I always see dress wearing as being a fabulously easy option, I only have to choose one item to put on, what could be simpler? As a Mum if I can save minutes somewhere in my day, but somehow convince people I've spent an age planning an outfit I am going to be pretty flippin' chuffed with that!

Over some time I have amassed a small, but very much loved collection of dresses. I have different dresses that I favour for different occasions. Unfortunately for me I tend to have a favourite dress for a time, which I wear and wear and wear and then I tire of it and want to move onto something new. I am shamefully fickle with my frocks! Hence my addiction, I'm just constantly on the lookout for my next beau.

So, when House of Fraser pointed me in the direction of their Dresses Collection and asked if I would like to cast my eye, I didn't need much persuading!  In fact I pretty much threw myself at the laptop and immediately started clicking links to satisfy my endless quest for the perfect dress. Legitimate dress scouring! I've been waiting my whole life for just such an excuse!

I have long been a fan of House of Fraser, as a girl I remember it as being the big shiny shop housed in the swanky new shopping centre.  As a little 'un I thought it was the very height of sophistication.  I was also OBSESSED with watching Mary Queen of Frocks (which I believe is still available on 4oD)  I just found it fascinating that someone had spotted such an obvious gap in the fashion market and was willing to try and fill it with something a little bit different.  It was a brave step made by House of Fraser and it certainly paid off.

Another thing that makes House of Fraser appeal to me is their website.  It's so easy to navigate.  I confess I am quite picky when it comes to the kind of thing I like.  I've honed my style over the years and I know what doesn't suit me just by looking.  I love the fact that I can refine my dress options so much.  Most websites let you refine your options down to cocktail dresses or day dresses etc, but with House of Fraser's website I can even specify the sleeve length I prefer.  Now that is very cool.

So anyway; I had a wonderful evening, having a good shufty around all the fabulous dresses in the Dress Collection and came up with my favourites.  In no particular order they are:

The Ariella Lace dress £150.  I love this, the colour and the style are so flattering, I can just imagine Kate Middleton swishing about in it looking elegant.    This is the kind of dress you FIND an opportunity to wear.  It also comes in a full length fish tail style.  Mmmm yummy...

Biba Embellished Front Kimono Tunic Dress - £89.00.  Biba are such an iconic brand. They conjure up such images in my head of an amazing 60's/70's fashion house full of outrageous but fabulous clothes for beautiful young things.  I love this dress.  It's so simple, it's shape means there's no need for breathing in or big pants but the embellishment on the front is something else!

Dickins & Jones - Ladies British Check Dress - £135.00.  I am a total sucker for checks!   This dress is so classic, you could wear it for so many occasions, it'd go with heels, boots, shoes  And I love a versatile dress, they're the best  Plus there are so many colours within the check pattern my need to match everything I'm wearing would be satisfied with a lot of different colour options.  I also love the fact that this dress is described as Ladies British Check Dress - Go British Ladies!

Dickins & Jones Ladies Floral Jersey Dress - £80.00.  House of Fraser stock Dickins and Jones, I brand I love.  This jersey dress is beautiful.  I love the colours, perfect for adding the feeling of spring to a miserable day.  And that twisted front and the gathering would mean no breathing in to look slimmer.  Always a good thing!

Dickins & Jones - Ladies Pintuck Spot Jersey Dress - reduced from £80 to £40.  Another Dickins & Jones dress, this one is a classic.  I don't know a single girl who doesn't have some polka dots in her wardrobe!  I'd team this dress with some red shoes and a red necklace for a bit of extra glamour.  Again, this is such a versatile dress, it could easily be worn to work, at the weekend, or for a night out.  I do like to get maximum use out of my clothes!

East - Monica Jersey Dress - reduced from £79.00 to £55.30.  Similar to the Dickins & Jones dress above only this is slightly darker in colour.  I think what I love about this style is that it's shapely, but I' still be happy wearing it if I was having a "fat day".  The band around the the waist and the crossover style of the dress would hide a multitude of sins.  Plus the busy pattern would hide the fromage frais This Baby insists on covering me with.   I may have a small baby, but I'm certainly not ready to commit to the Slummy Mummy look.   In this dress - never going to happen!

Kenneth Cole Tux Collar Dress - £55.00.  If your jaw doesn't drop open when you see this dress there is definitely something very wrong!  The tailoring?  That collar?  The sleeves?  The colour.  I might faint.  I might actually faint.  It's by Kenneth Cole, it also comes in a tan colour and GUESS how much it is? Guess?  Nope!  It's been reduced from £110, to £77.00 to £55.00.  Half flippin price!  I wants it!

Marella -Susanna Printed Cowl Neck Wrap Dress  - £150.00. How cool is this? It's my kind of style, but I just love that beautiful mustard sash around the waist.  It's not a colour combination you often see and I just think it looks great.

The Department - Circles Dress and Cardigan - reduced from £100 to £50.  I am terrible for wanting to put a cardigan on over a beautiful dress when I get chilly.  I love the fact this dress comes with it's own shrug, matching, flattering and just right.  I love the geometric pattern, if I can distract from my wobbly bits with a strong print I'm in!

Therapy - Scallop Hem Dress - reduced from £45.00 to £35.00.  Another dress with a great combination of colour.  This simple black dress could be worn for loads of different reasons, but the pop of colour at the bottom stops it from ever looking ordinary.

Pretty gorgeous huh?  If I'm really super honest, this post serves a dual purpose.  It's my birthday before too long and Mr Husband Sir recently told me to have a think about what I would like him to get me.  In answer to your question darling ANY OF THESE!  I would dearly love them all.  Pretty, pretty please, I've been good!

So tell me, which are your favourites? What do you look for in a dress?


  1. I live in tshirts and jeans but some of these dresses are beautiful. I -love- the Ariella Lace dress and would definitely wear that (if not for the price!) I also love all the jersey dresses but they never seem to suit me, on. The red Tux Collar Dress is also amazing. It definitely says "wow!" Wish I had more excuse or reason to wear dresses.

    1. The lace dress is beautiful isn't it? You're right though, pricey! If it came down in the sale I'd love it. I am seriously hankering after the tux collar dress though, I love a bargain! :)

  2. I love your taste. Thank you for sharing it! Lynaea @

    1. Thank you Lynaea, what a lovely thing to say :)

  3. I like most of those dresses, but I really like the 2nd one, the tunic. It would probably be good on my figure.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Glad you like them too, the tunic is a beauty isn't it? Hope a great weekend too! :)

  4. ahh dresses. I too am a dress addict and spend many an hour daydreaming on the internet about pretty dresses! I love your choices, particularly the jersey floral and lace one.

    Lauren x

  5. Ah I do love dresses and I'm determined to actually start wearing some instead of jeans ALL of the time ;) Love the first two and the last pretty! Xx

    1. I'd be lost without my dresses! I was thinking today, I don't even know what jeans would suit me any more. I'd probably be the embarrassing Mum in a pair of massive bell bottoms! Hey ho :)

  6. Hi I'm Amy & I'm a dress addict! Most of my wardrobe is made up by dresses since the only trousers I wear are leggings.. but they are usually worn under a dress if it's too cold for tights!

    I especially love the last & first dresses! I'd definitely wear them!

    Amy x

    1. Hahahaha! Hello Amy and welcome! Congratulations on the first step to recovery - balls to that, who wants to recover?!!! I am EXACTLY the same with leggings, they can stay for chilly days! :) xx

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