Wednesday, 17 April 2013


It's that time again! Together with Ot and Et ,Harvesting Kale  I am Currently:

Watching:  The new series of Game of Thrones. Monday nights are a BIG deal in this house!!! We have to have a ten minute warning, make ourselves some tea then sit and enjoy. I ask lots of questions and Mr Husband does his best explain things to me without raising his eyebrows at my stupidity...I was NOT expecting Jaime Lannister to get his hand lopped off, hahahaha :)

Looking for:  I am constantly losing my phone, my purse and my house keys so looking for them is fairly standard. This week we've also lost, looked for and found George Pig, the loopy things from That Baby's watch and the elusive second shoe...

Growing:   Apart from finally putting our potatoes in at the weekend the only things that have been growing around here are ourselves. That Baby and I both had birthdays this week so we've officially "grown" a year older. She's so proud of finally being five. She already seems so much older than she did last year.

Riding:  I have utterly failed on this point. I haven't ridden anything!!! I put This Baby on a hobby horse at a toddler group the other day if that counts? She screamed and she hated every second. Too small still.

Reading:  what with birthdays and party planning I haven't had much time for reading this week. I haven't even kept up with reading my beloved blogs properly. I think there might reach a point where you can commit to too many blogs to follow. I like to give my favourites my time and really get to know their authors. I've really fallen behind in that sense this week and it makes me feel terribly guilty. Catch up time next week!

Next week: Eating, Drinking, Wishing, Loving, Dreaming.

Join in?


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  1. WHAT! Jamie Lannister gets his hand chopped off!!!??? I'm on series one (just finished it) and we're HOOKED. I hate Jamie Lannister, so he probably deserved it.

    1. Ooops! Sorry. He does get his hand lopped off a bit, but he doesn't get any nicer and he totally deserves it. Apologies for blabbing, I didn't even think of that...x

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, I have really enjoyed reading it.

    I loveeeee Game of Thrones, we have the same routine in this house.

    It's never on long enough!

    New follower:

    1. Thank you so much! I think yours is fabulous too! Love your baby food jars, it just never occurred to me to do something with them!

  3. I know what you mean with following blogs, I'm the same way - Its so easy to follow tons of blogs but its less enjoyable unless you get a feel for the author and feel like you know who's behind them!

    Hope you and That Baby had nice birthdays! :)

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. We had lovely birthday's thank you Hayley! Hope Tyne's Christening goes well too, I'm really enjoying reading about him, he's so scrummy!

  4. OH MY GOD THE BIT WITH JAIME LOOSING HIS HAND! GAG! Monday's are the same in our house, esp how afterwards I watch Once Upon a Time. Good day!

    Awwl bless your little one not loving the rocking horse. Little Miss didn't get into it until she turned one, now she's OBSESSED! She has two, an indoor and an out door one. She also loves my grandparents rocking chair!

    Amy x

    1. J and the hand was RANK!!! Gagging right there with you!!

      I'm glad Littke Miss is enjoying rocking horses, I have my fingers crossed that Wiggles will catch up soon!!


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