Thursday, 11 April 2013


It's that time again! Ot and Et ,Harvesting Kale  and I are Currently:

Entertaining:  It's a little far in advance, but I am planning to entertain fifteen five year olds at my oldest daughters birthday party next weekend.  That shizzle really takes some planning!  I've got to make sure they're fed, entertained and happy.  And perhaps most importantly that they don't wreck the party venue with their cheeky antics.  Yeeps.  I am not looking forward to this.

Holding:  my baby girl.  To feed This Baby her milk yesterday I sat in the chair in our living room which I was constantly pinned to whilst I was breastfeeding our newborn. I haven't sat in that chair holding her for a long time as it doesn't hold great memories for me and there are some negative things that I came to associate with it.  I had no choice but to sit in it yesterday as That Baby was creating a little wooden village on the other chair which must not be disturbed under any circumstances.  Whilst I was holding her across me in that chair I realised how big she'd grown.  How much more of her there was.  It made me both sad and happy at the same time. She seemed to be a newborn for such a short time and I feel like I wished that time away a little too much.  I am so proud of her and holding her in that chair yesterday made me remember how far we'd come.

Building:   It's the school holidays still so That Baby and I have been building a fair few things together.  Front room tents made of poorly blankets and cushions, stick dens in the forests last week, Crocklebog sculptures made from old egg boxes, and lots and lots of wooden brick towers for This Baby to gleefully knock down.

Smiling:  I was thinking about this theme as I walked home from work earlier, I was wondering how the heck I was going to narrow this huge field down to just one choice.  As I thought a woman I don't know was walking towards me talking on her mobile phone.  As she did I noticed she had the biggest smile on her face, you could just tell that the conversation that she was having was a happy one.  It was infectious and made me smile back at her.  She probably thought I was a complete lunatic.  But it did make me realise that probably the one thing that makes me smile the most is seeing other people's happiness, be they family or complete strangers.

Frowning:  I think I've frowned quite a lot today.  Not intentionally, but if I don't understand something, or it puzzles me I frown at it.  As if that's going to somehow magically make things clearer.  I think perhaps the thing that has made me frown the most this week has been the untimely death of our dishwasher.  It's completely lost all power for some reason and we can't for the life of us work out why.  We lived without a dishwasher for many years so it's not like not having one is insurmountable, but to let us have one then to take it away?  That's harsh.  Really harsh.  Roll on Mr Repair Man and his Friday morning visit.  I won't frown at him I'm pretty sure!

Next week: Watching, Looking For, Growing, Riding, Reading.

Join in?


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  1. I dream of a dishwasher my love...I am utterly fed up with washing dishes by hand. Can you believe we have never had one?! *sobs*.

    I have finally done my Liebster..thanks lovely xx

    1. We didn't for many many years, but when we moved here there was already one in the kitchen that stayed put. And we fell in love!

      Loved reading your Liebster! Xx

  2. Oh, I just want to hug you and say, "it's OK, it's natural" about wishing away those newborn months then feeling shitty about it. It's hard not to feel that way when you're just pulled in so many directions, sleep deprived, and feel so out of control. Hug. Big hug! I love your answer to smiling <3 You are truly a dear. My offer to ship you rooster sauce stands, by the way! xoxoxo

    1. Is it? Of you know no one has e Et said that to me before and I'm so relieved to hear you say you know what I mean. I actually feel like sighing with relief, thank you. Really, thank you. And there is treacle coming your way....there is!


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