Thursday, 25 April 2013


Happy Thursday lovelies!  It's time to join in with Ot and Et and  Harvesting Kale once again for Currently!

So I am currently....

Eating:  I eat a lot of mints.  I love them.  Mints of all shapes and sizes are my friends, it's pretty much an addiction.  My lovely friend LB gave the the biggest selection of mints as a birthday present the other day and I have been happily stuffing my face with them ever since.  I have been compared to a horse such is my love of minty things and I was surprisingly pleased with that analogy...

Drinking:  The other night we had home made pork and apple burgers and a lovely glass of cider each, it was so refreshing!  Unfortunately we'd had Man v's Food on the tv whilst we were making the pork and apple burgers and it was a little bit off putting.  Even though our tea was small and not at all revolting it was hard not to draw a comparison.  Biscuit has also taken to drinking a lot of pink milk lately, which I think is a good thing and I can see why she likes it, I tried a little the other day and it was delicious.  I have had a couple of glasses myself in secret since then, but I can't risk her catching me drinking it because I KNOW I'd be in big trouble.

Wishing:   I tend to wish for things fleetingly and then move on to something else.  There's not much I really seriously wish for, I think if you spend your life wishing you were richer, skinnier or whatever you should probably divert your energy into trying to achieve it rather than wasting time idly wishing you were already there.  Sorry if that sounds a bit trite. I did some pretty hard wishing for nicer weather and a bit of sunshine not so long ago and it seems as though that one has been granted which is lovely.

Loving:  Mr Husband's new blue black hair colour.  Poor lovely man is younger than me but had a lot of grey going on.  I don't dislike grey hair on a man, indeed on the right man in can look really attractive, but he doesn't feel ready to be in that place yet and I can understand that.  I've always coloured his hair for him if he's wanted me to, ever since we first met.  I have fond memories of colouring his hair in my old bathroom whilst we laughed at the Manic Street Preachers in the background singing Autumnsong with the lyric "What have you done to your hair?" , Actually it's a bloody good song, I just had to have a listen on youtube (click the link) and it still makes me laugh and takes me back to a haze of deep plum in that bathroom.  I must confess (and my love, if you're reading this I'm sorry ok) that I did once perform a hair colour switch by buying the same brand in a subtler shade and using the more suitable one, but in my defence it was just before our wedding and I didn't want to remember Cosmic Red courtesy of our photographs for the rest of our days.

Dreaming:  The other night I dreamt that Evan Dando of Lemonhead fame had moved into our village.  I made a complete fool of myself telling him that I was a massive fan in my youth and that I still harbour a small soft spot for him even now (again if you're reading this my dearest heart, once again sorry).  When I awoke I was slightly disappointed that Mr Dando had not in fact bought the little cottage next to the garage.  Though just to be on the safe side I thought I'd better learn from the experience so I have now prepared a plan to prevent myself from looking like an idiot should this unlikely scenario ever actually come to fruition.  The plan does not include me blabbing to Evan (I like to think that my investment in his musical career entitles me to first name terms) that I had a poster of him looking gorgeously long haired and with the eyes of a puppy dog plastered to my bedroom door for an undignified number of years.....yeah.......

Next week: Admiring, Caring, Loving, Cleaning, Creating

Join in?


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  1. Oh haha Evan was in dream. I once saw a dream that Ryan Gosling was in my drawing room , Yay!

  2. Oh do like your point on wishing...totally agree ;) xx

    1. Thank you my dear, I was a bit worried that I sounded a bit bluergh, really glad you got what I was meaning :) xx

  3. Ok, email me and let's do this address swap and I will send you rooster sauce & cookie butter, m'dear! <3 my email is lindseymuth[at] xoxoxoxo


    For years I would cut and color Rob's hair. Often blue black then just black then dark brown... until he finally just went with his natural salt-and-mostly-pepper. Your story brought back memories of our days. Being young and in love and dirty and rough around the edges, that's perfection <3 growing from that to wedded bliss and sweet babies, just so much the better!

    Oh Evan Dando! How I dreamt of you! Did the movie Reality Bites make it over to the UK I wonder? It starred Winona Ryder, my then-idol, and had a cameo with Evan Dando and embodied everything I wanted to do/be/get out of life, way back then <3

  4. I LOVED Reality Bites! And Winona Ryder, I thought she was perfection. In fact I still think that now. The first time I watched it I nearly missed Evan Dando at the end, looking all lovely, I think I would have cried had I not been told to pay more attention!

    I love that you used to colour Rob's hair too, your whole line up there is just poetry! See parallel lives!! I am emailing you RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!!

  5. Hi Kate,I immediately loved reading your currently stuff when I first found your blog and I really wanted to join in,Im going to join in next week too.My dreams this week were so intense I think I would have been carted away if I had wrote about them,I started to jot them down and then read them back and thought naaaah!Maddity mad!
    I like mints too but not perhaps as much as you do!Well Ive not been compared to a horse yet but there is time for that to happen :-) x

    1. Thank you Jess, that's lovely! I want to read about your crazy dreams, they sound like fun!!!


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