Friday, 21 June 2013


Hello lovely readers!! I usually join in with this link up on a Thursday and I'm a bit behind. Better late than never I thought!! 

I wouldn't want to miss out on joining Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale for this week's Currently! So my lovelies I have been:

Capturing: Wiggles is at that gorgeous wobbly legged stage just before walking. She can crawl like a demon and when the fancy takes her she can escape at high speed! After we've collected Biscuit from school she likes to go to the swings,  Wiggles likes to try her very best to join in with the big kids and I spend my afternoons trying to catch her and bring her back to safety! She likes to stand up by the slide, stand up and push the seesaw and try and get to the roundabout before I can get to her. She is a pickle!!!

Releasing: THE BEAST!  The other day I threw a full force wobbly at a lady who had ignored a perfectly legitimate complaint that I'd made.  I really told her off.  Then I felt guilty.  And apologised, because I am British and that's what we do.  Even though it was all her fault.  Stupid Beast.

Sending: I have finally sent Wiggles' thank you cards off following her birthday. I am a huge believer in saying thank you properly and I know it means a lot to people. Plus if anyone goes to the trouble of buying my little girls a gift I want them to know how much it means to them. The trouble is I'm a lazy thing and I find it easy to put these things off!!

Mending: Have I been mending anything? I'm not so sure this week! I am a mender. I far prefer to rescue things rather than throw them away. I think perhaps I'm going to list the things that need mending around my house in the hope that Mr Husband will spot it and take the hint!! 

1) The kitchen bin lid is wobbly and needs gluing
2) The lightbulb in the left in the downstairs loo could do with sorting, though I'm not sure how!!
3) The runners in my wardrobe doors are wobbly and need mending.
Also Biscuit's second spare school jumper needs a button and I have a dress that has a mysteriously split seam. Any chance? Yeah right!!! 

Recommending: Ooooooh fun!! Ok, I'm recommending some music.

Iko - a good place to start would be this track.  I saw this very talented man live above a tiny cramped pub in London a few years back and his sheer talent took my breath away.  That first line "This is all I have, rich dreams that I can't afford".  His voice breaks my heart.


Mew - here is a link to their whole first album, which will always hold a very special place in my heart. They're Danish and I think this helps form their really unusual approach to song writing, so many twists and turns and an almost ethereal vibe.  I have seen this band live several times over the years and they have never failed to amaze and astound me.  I can remember seeing them play in an old church once and I felt so emotional and moved by what they were doing on stage.  Just amazing.

Next week: Eating, Drinking, Watching, Reading, Learning.

Join in?

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  1. Haha, I love that you released the beast! We are so bad for saying sorry, silly British nature x

    1. It's ok though, I've shoved it back in its box now and we're all safe!!

      P.S - Sorry!! ;) xx


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