Monday, 16 September 2013

Magic Moments.....My kingdom for a hat....

We are lucky enough to have been invited to another wedding this weekend in London. My very dear old friend Berg is marrying his gorgeous girl. Berg & I have each other a very long time and he's always been someone that I trust and look up to, I value his opinion and he sees through all my rubbish. He does not like being woken up on holiday by Tallulah and I gleefully jumping on his bed. This I have learnt.

Travelling to a wedding throws up a whole host of logistical problems. Do we drive? Get the train? Drive part of the way then get the tube? Stay in a hotel? Ugh! So many things to think about! 

However we get there, I've decided what I'd like to wear. Obviously my first port of call is always Vivien of Holloway, my favourite dress shop in the world. I'm going to wear this dress:

Their beautiful 1940's dress in Valentine Rose. One of the wonderful things about it is that it doesn't crease, so however we travel, hopefully I won't look too squashed.

I love the hat that this model is wearing, and tried so hard to find something similar, but to no avail. I trawled Etsy but as I only had a small hat budget, it proved a little difficult. In the end I had a brainwave! Proper middle of the night flash of inspiration stuff....

I invested a whole £7 in a very plain hat from Etsy, complete with veil. It's very simple hence the low price.

Here's how it looked on...

Bit worried that if the dot falls in the wrong place I might look a little, erm, Hitler-y, but I'm just going to have to hope for the best on that front!

I used the hat as a base and armed with a glue gun I'd sneakily borrowed from my friend Bob I added some paper roses that I was given as a Christmas present ages ago. I've never really known what to do with them...

I spent ages deciding on the best position and arrangement, then glued them onto my hat and whacked in a few carefully placed leaves for good measure and....voila! 

The result!!! Complete and perfect match for my dress for a princely £7! 

What do you think? Bonkers or brill? 

I'm chuffed as a chuffed thing from Chuffingham! Now pray it doesn't rain......

I can't be the only person to have fashioned accessories from bits and bobs laying around....tell me your tales!! 

Love, love,

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  1. Wow, great job Kate!
    If you haven't sorted transport yet have a look at megabus, depending where you are travelling to and from you might have the options of the mega train or mega bus plus, which is part of the journey by coach and part by train. I do megabus plus when I go from London to my parents in Yorkshire, it takes about 40 minutes longer than if I just went on train but it costs between £1.50 and £5.00 depending when I travel, where as the train is generally £60+

    1. Thank you so much for the tip my lovely! I shall begin investigating!!

  2. Great job, I really like what you've done and you would pay so much money to buy something like that! Definitely wear with pride!!! X

  3. Love a bit of dressing up. Looks fab.

    1. Ooooh, me too! Any excuse! Thank you :) xx

  4. Brill! Nobody else is going to have the same hat!
    Don't get wet though!!!!!

    1. That's a very good point, and one which I hadn't thought of!!! I'm living in terrible fear that its going to rain. It can't! It's not allowed!!

  5. Kate thats super amazing i prefer your hat to the one you first liked!! you clever lady

    thanks for linking up with #magicmoments x


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