Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Week That Was - Old Mugs, New Shoes & Washing Baskets.

Monday – there was terrible rain in the morning. We walked Biscuit to school with the rain falling straight towards our faces. Very British! My friend gave me the beautiful Christmas spice scented candle she'd made for me using a fabulous old mug I'd rescued from being thrown out by house clearance people. I'm so pleased with it. She's such a clever girl.

 "We" spent the morning cleaning and tidying up the house, then Impressive E and Beetle came for lunch. We had homemade soup and long chats about a crazy variety of subjects, it was lovely. After picking Biscuit up from school she and Wiggles entertained themselves by sitting in a washing basket together giggling.  Although Wiggles looks less than impressed in my picture...

In the evening I went to the Stitch and Bitch group in the local pub with my friend D. I made a crochet flower, did a bit more of my blanket and found a good home for a particularly delicious piece of chocolate brownie.

Tuesday – I went to baby group with Wiggles, who actually managed to behave for a change! Not a single baby got duffed up! I had the smug glow of someone who had already prepared their evening meal and left it to bubble away in the slow cooker. The smell of sausage and bean casserole met us on our return home. A trip to the supermarket in the afternoon saw us pick up a plentiful supply of vegetables for the week's soup  as well as some enormous jacket potatoes to go with our tea. 

Wednesday - work for me. Possibly the only highlight of this day was the butternut squash, sweet red pepper and smoked paprika soup I had made for lunch. Certainly one worth remembering! 

Thursday - Wiggles and I went to our local town in the morning and picked up a couple of Christmas presents. Few more off the list! Home for lunch, Mummy's genius invention - Red Leicester and grated carrot on top of jacket potato. The only way I can squeak raw veg into my lil' monkey! Then we picked up Biscuit from school and went to meet Tallulah for coffee. We walked around the Christmas section of a big department store, took the small people to see the big window display and generally had a lot of fun. Bought Biscuit a little pink toy, Wiggles chose a telescopic duster of all things! Couldn't get her to part with it! Crazy girl :)

Friday: work for me. Bought Christmas presents and curry during my lunch hour, could have been worse!

Saturday: Mr Husband Sir went to the football, so the wee ones and I had lunch with my Mum and Dad. Biscuit went out to the shops with them in the afternoon and Wiggles had her nap. When she came home Biscuit and I prepared her shoebox appeal shoebox full of bits to take to school next week. She wanted to send it to a little girl her own age, so that's what we had in mind when we chose our gifts. Biscuit played Scrabble with her Grandpa before bed, she loved it! She tried so hard.

Sunday - in the morning it was my turn to get up with the children. This sounds like its a terrible hardship, but they woke up around 8 o'clock so really, I count myself very lucky! We decided to resurrect Biscuit's rather large collection of Peppa Pig toys and created Peppa town in our sitting room. We had Peppa's house, school, the swings, Peppa's car and camper can as well as Grandpa Pig's train, oh yes and a rocketship! I think they enjoyed themselves. I love that Peppa Pig house, it's like a toddler friendly doll's house. It's nice and simple and fairly robust, which is good as ours has taken quite a battering! If anyone is considering getting one for Christmas I would highly recommend it. 

In the afternoon we went to a near (ish) shopping village/retail park and bought both girls new shoes. I hate spending my weekends in those kind of places, the people are so materialistic and rude.  We got in and got out as quickly as possible. The shoes are good, the experience less so. 

We went home for lunch, then out for a short walk as I was determined not to let a weekend pass without at least a little lovely cold fresh air! Mr Husband and I spent the evening eating Thai curry and watching The Tunnel. 

Hope you all had delicious weeks filled with loveliness! 

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  1. I have that mug!! And looooads more... I have such a thing for commemorative royal mugs. Love them ;) x

  2. Me too! It broke my heart to think of a lovely little old day keeping it for all those years for it to end up in the bin. We HAD to rescue it and give it a new life. Shame it can't be used for a cuppa really, it's a bit mottled inside, but this was a good wah of giving it a new lease of life :) We really do have excellent taste! :) x

  3. Sweet glimpse into your lovely week! I have such romantic notions about English living and you continue to feed into them. xo

    1. Bless you! What a delightfully lovely thing to say. Look out - lady snogs: xxxxx


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