Monday, 2 December 2013

The Week That Was - Chazza Joy, Lemonheads & The Christmas Potato

Last week, my week went a little like this:

Monday - not a terribly eventful day. Biscuit went to school and Wiggles and I spent the morning tidying the house after the weekend. After school we went to the supermarket and bought sweeties as well as all the essential bits that we run out of too quickly. In the evening Mr Husband and I snuggled on the sofa (it's suddenly become cold) and I made Biscuit a little crocheted purse to surprise her with when she woke up. I even managed to line it! It's a bit rough, but it's the thought, right?

Tuesday - Biscuit was pleased with her purse, she was worried that it wasn't for her when she first saw it, bless her! Wiggles and I went to her baby group where we got a look at the lovely pictures that Dee took of her a couple of weeks ago. Ordered a couple, very excited to see them. Although Biscuit was going to her ballet class after school we still walked down to see her as we we'd offered to walk Woolly home whilst Impressive E waited in for a delivery. Woolly is ace. My kinda guy :) We stopped in for a cuppa before heading home.  In the evening I tackled the ironing whilst Mr Husband watched the football. I scarfed some lemon torte as a reward for excellent housewifery skills. Ahem.

Wednesday - work for me. To make my day more interesting I went charity shop hunting during my lunch break. I did pretty bloody brilliantly! I got a lovely black skirt for a measly £1.75, knocked down from £3.50 because it had been around for a week. Crazy! It was from M&S originally and is even fully lined. Chuffed, chuffed, chuffed. 

I also snaffled this beautiful top:

For a slightly more expensive £3.50 this time. Excuse the terrible photograph, it's completely impossible to get right because of the beading it has across one shoulder and all the way down one arm. If I turn the flash on it just reflects and you can't see it properly. Trust me, it is beautiful, I'm really pleased with it.

Thursday - Biscuit very proudly took her shoebox for charity into school in the morning. On the walk back we were stood chatting to Impressive E, Beetle, Lucky and Dinky when somehow (and it happened so fast I'm not really sure how) Beetle got knocked from her buggy by a spooked doggy. Thankfully she was fine, but it made our hearts race!!! I spent the day cleaning the house like crazy. Not really sure why, I just got the urge! 

Friday - Biscuit woke up super-excited because it was Grandparent's Day at school and she got to take her Grandpa in with her. Of course, I was worried that he'd misbehave! By all accounts though he behaved perfectly. Although he did wear his hat. I went to work, had an amazing curry at lunch time (spinach and paneer, yum) and picked up two more tops in the charity shop for an amazing £3. After work it was the "big" Christmas light switch on in our village, which we completely ignored and went over to Impressive E and Impressive D's house for E's Birthday drinks. It was great fun, there was Lucky, Mr Lucky, Tilly and Billy. We all drank far too much prosecco, danced and sang Lemonheads songs loudly and, in my case, really quite badly. But hey, I know the words! 

Saturday - I stayed in bed until half  ten (ow) then we went to a local garden centre to check out the Christmas Decorations. Wiggles and Biscuit loved them,Wiggles particularly liked anything that sang. The tackier the better! After that we went for a lovely walk, it was a tiny bit wet and there was a faint whiff of bonfire which made me feel all wintery. In the evening Mr Husband treated us to takeaway. Naughty, naughty.

Sunday - Mr Husband's turn for a long sleep. It was my Dad's Birthday so we took his presents and cards through. As it was the first day in December we decided to celebrate with craft. Biscuit painted her Christmas bauble and Wiggles, not wanting to be left out, painted her Christmas potato.

Impressive, huh? I was in charge of the roast potatoes for Dad's birthday lunch, which (obviously) were excellent, though these ones were paint free. After lunch we went for a long walk through the fields. It ended in a heart-stopping panic when we were charged at by a group of horses.  I photographed the horses against the sunset about ten minutes beforehand looking all serene. Way before they decided to stampede on us!

It really wasn't funny. It ended with Mr Husband throwing Biscuit over a gate to safety and Wiggles and I cowering by tree hoping to remain unseen, whilst I braced myself to sheild her as best I could.  Rarely have I felt that awful instinct that comes over you telling you to protect your child at all costs. Thankfully Wiggles was in her sling so I could keep her lovely and close by and safe, but I think the poor little tot could feel my heart beating through my chest! It all ended ok, though we both had a whisky when we got home! Spent the evening crocheting a chicken hat for Biscuit's Nativity Play. She's going to look mental.

So that was mine, how was yours?

 Love, love,



  1. Love lots about this - that gorgeous surprise purse, the charity shop bargains, the potato (genius) and the Lemonheads, not to mention take aways and lemon torte. Not the horse though. That's scary.

    1. Many, many days of my youth were spent gazing at the delights of Evan Dando, with his glorious mane! Little did I know that memorising the words to "Frank Mills" would also be useful to me as as adult! And those bloomin horses! Tsk! :) xx

  2. Ha, love the Christmas potatoes!
    Remember seeing the horse thing on IG - sounds scary! Glad you escaped :) xx

    1. I didn't have a spare bauble! She didn't seem to mind. Kind of a shame that we can't put it on the tree, but at least I've captured it here, hey? :) xx


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