Monday, 9 December 2013

The Week That Was - Crochet, Christingle and Crisps...

Last week my week went a little like this:

Monday - crochet day! Just couldn't stop! In addition to roasting a chicken, going to the supermarket and a smidge of housework I crocheted Wiggles' dolly a dress, pants and a hat, a cup warmer and the first triangle on a string of bunting. Good stuffs. I have discovered that crochet is good for my diet. I concentrate hard on it, and scoff less. Winner. 

Tuesday - Toddler Group with Wiggles in the morning, afterwards she had an epic two hour nap! I made carrot & coriander soup for work tomorrow. We headed down to pick Biscuit up after school, then came home and watched Lady & the Tramp together. In the evening Mr Husband and I went to the supermarket and bought Christmas jumpers and stocking fillers for the girls.

Wednesday - work for me. The little girls went to a Christmas Tree exhibition with their Gran after school, which they lived by all accounts. Mr Husband and I ate apple strudel and drank hot tea in the evening whilst he dutifully snipped laminated pictures out for a series of geocaches he's planning to place. 

Thursday - The weather turned freeeeezing! We walked Biscuit to school with our teeth chattering. It was Biscuit's church assembly so Wiggles and I went along to wave at our little sweetie. Once again we had to retreat upstairs behind the soundproof glass as ONE of us got screamy. Afterwards we popped to Tilly and Em's house for coffee where we watched Tilly's wedding video. This may sound ridiculously female, but oh my gosh, I have never seem anything do lovely! It was like a beautiful Hollywood film of a famous wedding. I am so, so jealous. I loved seeing it, I'm so glad she shared it with me :) Wiggles only duffed Em up a couple of times, so that's progress, huh?  

Friday - a busy day for all of us! I went to work. After school it was Biscuit's Christmas Fair, because I wasn't around Daddy took them to see Father Christmas, which thankfully they both loved, and then for a look around the stalls and games. It was a bit too busy really so they didn't stay for long. Meanwhile I went out for my work Christmas meal. It was ok. That's probably the most I can say about it. I don't think I'll bother next year. The food was nice, but I really can't be bothered with office politics in the office, let alone out of the office. Plus one lady that I work with has notoriously bad manners, which puts me in edge. I think she has to be the centre of attention so she ALWAYS finds something to complain about. I dread it. I feel so embarrassed. I've had more fun at the dentist. So, partly because of that I was home in bed with a full tummy by 10.30 pm, which is pretty much my ideal to he honest! 

Saturday - in the morning, Jeany, came to visit. She's one of my oldest friends, and I don't get to see her enough. It was lovely to sit down and have a really good old catch up. Wiggles was a bit out of sorts and had a bit of a cry, poor thing. Biscuit went with Daddy to the cinema to see Free Birds, which she'd been really looking forward to seeing.  When they got home we ate tea together, then after the children were in bed we filled our faces with posh crisps and watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I'd only seen it once before, many, many years ago. It was brilliantly insane!

Sunday - my turn to sleep in, yay! Woke up to bacon and egg sandwiches, mmmmm. Mr Husband went off in the afternoon to meet his chums at the pub, I went with the girls and my Mum to the Christingle service at church. It was so sweet. Wiggles behaved, nobody tutted and they were rewarded with the sweeties from their oranges. Perfect. At tea time Wiggles smeared herself head to toe in pasta sauce and impersonated a zombie. Happy days! 

So that was mine, how was yours? 

Love, love, 

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  1. Oh wow, she really did cover herself in sauce!! x P.S cute dolly dress!

  2. Thank you!!! Oh didn't she just! It was one of those nights when only a bath would do!!!

  3. In another weird film coincidence, Snake and the children went to see Rocky Horror at the Picturehouse tonight. Well done to Wiggles for managing her exuberance and reducing her duffing up rate. Definitely progress.

    1. That really is a coincidence! How funny! I love how you've worded Wiggles' progress, I'll have to describe her as exuberant from now on! :) xx


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