Monday, 23 December 2013

The Week That Was - Party, Party, Party!

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday -  last school week before Christmas! I had a horrible dream that Mr Husband was bonking one of my friends and couldn't sleep properly after that, so I was a little tired and grumpy. Does everyone have those crazy kind of dreams, or just me? Ugh. Spent lots of the day crocheting granny squares to make Wiggles a stocking. I made one for Biscuit a couple of years ago and felt bad that Wiggles doesn't have one too. Spent the evening writing Christmas cards and watching Kirstie. It doesn't get more festive than that!!!

Tuesday - Toddler Group Christmas party! Wiggles ate crisps, slightly duffed up babies and was not remotely scared of Santa. That's my girl! 

She also scoffed a lot of fromage frais tubes to her great glee. Which, amusingly, made her look like Santa herself.

In the evening there was the Toddler Group's Mum's Christmas Party. It was great. Apart from having a glass of wine and accidentally making an inappropriate lesbian joke (not offensive, just badly timed) I was a lot of fun, and the food was lovely! I didn't take this picture (obvs) it was taken by Tilly with Lucky on the left and the lovely Mrs Robinson on the right. And would you just LOOK at my massive roast dinner. Whooooo yeah! 

Wednesday - work for me and Christmas lunch for Biscuit at school. She was very excited because they got crackers and hats. I was very excited because I won £20 on a scratch card inside a Chirtsmas card from my lovely boss Peeps. Proper chuffed! I met Tallulah at lunchtime and we went shopping together in town and did a present switch. After a long day I spent the evening crochet-ing yet another stocking, this time for Em, hopefully I'll finish before time runs out! 

Thursday - Biscuit's school Christmas party. She went in her party clothes and was giddy with excitement. We spent the day doing boring things, cleaning and tidying. I finished crocheting the stocking for Em:

Then later on I dropped over a sticker book and a DVD for Woolly who's been so, so poorly.  Hopefully they cheered him up. I took some Lebkuchen for Impressive E to cheer her up too. No Mummy wants to deal with sick down the stairs. In the evening: present wrapping! Here's the before pile: 

Friday - Christmas jumper day at work! It was great and certainly made a long hard day a lot brighter. And the curry for lunch helped too. I didn't get home until quarter to eight, by which time my brain was completely fried. I hate days like this, I probably spent all of 15 minutes with my girls all day long. 

Saturday - I got up super, super early as I had to work. It was very dark and very wet when I got up and I'm pretty sure I didn't see another human being until I was surprised at the photocopier whilst scratching my booby by a member of staff from another office sneaking in under cover of the noise I was making (photocopying, not scratching).  Ahhh, the joys!  After getting home it was a quick change into something more festive, before heading straight back out again.  We went over to see some lovely friends of ours in their new house, we were joined by lots of other friends and it turned into quite a gathering.  It was so nice to catch up, eat the fantastic food that Curly had made for us all - truly amazing - and just relax with the people we really love. 

After heading back home again and getting the truly pooped, children into bed Mr Husband and I headed back out again to brave the supermarket and buy our Christmas food - mostly vegetables and sort of things you really can't have in stock too early.   Thankfully it wasn't too bad, in fact pretty quiet really and it was all over fairly quickly.  Mr Husband did have a grump about stuffing (largely based around my refusal to spend £14 making it from scratch when we could buy the fresh version for a quarter of that price) but he came around to my way of thinking eventually - good lad!

Sunday - clean, clean, clean, clean, clean!  After a lazy lay in we (well, I) cleaned the house like things possessed so that we're ready for our Christmas guests arriving on Tuesday.  We are expecting Mr Husband's lovely sister, Aunty Poppy, (who we visited in summer in this post) his brother Uncle Eeen and our nephew Cal.  We're sharing the cooking of our Christmas meal between ourselves in this part of the house and with my Mum and Dad in the other part, should be easier across two ovens we figured!  I'm really looking forward to it, even enjoying the preparation, and I know the small girls will have a great time.

So, that was my week, as always I hope you had a great one too.  I think this will probably be my last post until after Christmas, so I'd really like to wish you all health and happiness and thank you all so much for reading.  Enjoy my dear friends, enjoy! 

Love, love,

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  1. That stocking is fabulous, clever thing! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. XXX

    1. Thank you! You're too kind! Christmas here was lovely, hope yours was too xx

  2. I love that stocking! Liebkuchen is such a weakness, I've eaten a whole bag of them already. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! x

    1. Thank you my dear, it was lovely. Though brief! Hope you all had a great one too xx

  3. I have that dream! Wake up really angry with Snake, confusingly for him. We're doing our Christmas food shop when Snake finishes work at 10pm tonight - hope it's not too manic. Happy Christmas to all of you x

    1. Is it awful of me to be pleased that I'm not the only one who has that ridiculous dream? I know it's silly, but can't help it!

      Hope your good shop wasn't too bad! And that your Christmas was super-great! :) xx


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