Monday, 13 January 2014

The Week That Was - Dresses, Pugs & Wellingtons...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Biscuit's first day back at school following the Christmas holidays.  The weather was so bad this morning that I decided to leave Wiggles at home with my Mum whilst we walked to school. I got back soaked to the skin! Spent the morning with Wiggles doing the post-weekend tidy up, then we went to the supermarket. They were selling off all their Christmas gifts super cheap, so bought masses for my presents drawer for the year. I was really chuffed. I should probably have photographed what I bought, bit of a blogger fail there! Made bean chilli for tea, then we finally caught up on watching the second episode of Sherlock in the evening. 

Tuesday - Wiggles and I went to our first toddler group of the New Year. It was lovely to sit and have a catch up and a cup of tea. Nothing else that was remarkable happened, apart from my new dress arriving from the Boden sale. It is gorgeous! 

Called "The Kate Dress", so I had no choice, right? It was reduced from £129.00 (ouch) to a much more bearable £38.70 and I bloomin' love it! It's such a beautiful heavy fabric, it feels like an expensive well made dress. I can't wait to wear it.  

Wednesday - Work for me. I was running late on my way in and a five minute delay in setting off turned into being twenty minutes late. Not an amazing start to first day back of the year! My Mum, my Dad and I have been considering getting a puppy so I rang a breeder at lunchtime and arranged to see a pup on Friday after work. Very excited! 

Thursday - In the morning it was Biscuit's monthly school assembly held in the church. Wiggles and I went allow to show our support and to do a lot of waving! Everything went well, but suddenly I realised that as she was leaving she was in tears. I rushed over to give her a cuddle and ask her what had happened, but I couldn't get any sense out of her. It was horrible, her class were all filing out on their pairs so I knew I couldn't keep hold of her and calm her down) even though I desperately wanted to). She had to go with her class, with her teacher. I hated having to override my maternal instinct and let my baby be taken care of by her teacher. I had to ring the school and ask them very nicely to check she was ok. She was fine, sat with her chums listening to a story. Wiggles and I felt awful! WI in the evening, a talk on quilts. 

Friday - An uneventful day, then a visit to see the most gorgeous little black pug. She had googly eyes and a little chubby tum. I had a pug once before, many years ago now and I loved him to bits. Am very excited at the prospect of getting another one. 

Saturday - we spent the morning cleaning and tidying the house ready for guests coming the evening. Followed by a trip to the supermarket for essentials. In the evening Uncle Schubert and Auntie Schubert came over to spend a little time with the children and have dinner with us. The girls were so good, played really nicely and didn't complain when it was bedtime. We are an amazing Korma (even if I do say so myself) we found the most fantastic curry shop that prepares fresh spices for you for any dish you want. It's never failed us yet! We chatted for a long time about the imminent arrival of Baby Schubert. Their excitment is contagious, it reminds me of being a new parent for the first time. All that craziness! 

Sunday - After a lovely long, hot, uninterrupted bath we headed out for a lovely long walk in the crisp bright sun. Biscuit's little friend Woolly came too for a spot of geocaching fun. He was great company, fearless and energetic, even a welly yanked off by the mud did nothing to dampen his spirits! 

Back home for a beer and some fajitas. Mmmmmm. In the evening I made a cake ready for Lucky's birthday lunch tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be nice! 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. What a bargain that dress is and such a fitting name too. I always feel awkward at toddler groups that I just don't go to them anymore but luckily there are a few mums I go round too that have the same aged girls as me instead x

    1. I think that's the ideal! Company without the stress! :) x

  2. Thats a gorgeous dress,I can imagine you feel pretty swish wearing that.Glad to hear that Biscuit was ok after the assembly,its so hard to leave them like that isnt it Kate,I think you did well to walk away. Im having the worst time ever with Bloglovin and I cant add you on the Feedly app,so I have email subscribed - maybe this will work...maybe,its driving me scranny not being able to read my favourite blogs,grrrr to technology!

    1. Bloglovin has been rubbish lately! I've had problems too! Thank you for subscribing though, you are a love, fingers firmly crossed! :) xx


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