Monday, 24 February 2014

The Week That Was - Mugs, Bugs and Funny Men

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - The first day of half term. Ahh the joys! I'd breakfasted, dressed and set my mini reprobates up with things to play by half last nine. We tidied up and sorted out, by which time it was time for lunch, the small people appeared to only be willing to eat grated cheese. Ugh. Wiggles had her nap and Biscuit decorated a pair of mugs she was given for Christmas. 

So cute!! One for her sister, one for herself! Ladybirds and smiley faces.

My Mum and my brother returned from their weekend away and we popped to the supermarket. 

Someone looked super-cute in her bobble hat in the car. I couldn't resist:

We arrived home at the same time as Mr Husband. In the evening we watched The Hunger Games which we started downloading on Valentines Day! Not really my bag...

Tuesday -  In the morning we went out for tea and cake over at Clock's house.  I haven't known her for very long, we met at Wiggles' baby group.  She is lovely and it was really nice to spend some time getting to know her a bit better.  Plus I am never adverse to cake!  Wiggles and Biscuit both behaved beautifully and I was dead pleased with them.  In the afternoon Biscuit seemed to be feeling poorly again, so we didn't really do a great deal, just let her rest and snuggle on the sofa.  After Mr Husband and I put the small people to bed I whipped out for a quick trip to the supermarket as I knew they had a sale on their clothing range.  I mostly needed to buy tights and scored some brilliant ones in the sale - good job!

Wednesday - work for me, lovely to spend the day with LB.  She really is great to work with.  I had finished the blanket I'd been making for Carlos the Jackal - she's been off work lately for personal reasons - and we decided that we wanted to send her something to (hopefully) cheer her up a bit.  LB was so sweet about it, I was dead chuffed.  I'd tried really hard to match the colours to the colours Carlos has in her sitting room.  Mr Husband was tensely watching the football in the evening so I retired early to bed to do a little swatting up on quiz questions and also to watch The Great British Sewing Bee, which I really enjoy.

Thursday - Wiggles had woken up in the worst mood.  Even before breakfast she'd bitten her big sister and chucked a toy microphone at her head!  We had a message from our friend L to say that she would be at the Sing Along session at our local library in the morning and would be going for a cuppa after that if anyone fancied joining her. I thought it would be a nice thing to do with the girl's although I worried that Biscuit might feel she was too old. Shameless outfit selfie before leaving? Ok! 

I was lucky enough to be given this fabulous coat by my wonderful neighbour and friend Auntie Ro. Great, ain't it?

Both girls enjoyed themselves and it did seem to distract Wiggles from being a devil, for a little while at least.   She did produce a hideously stinky nappy as soon as we arrived, which I'm sure she did on purpose!  We went for tea afterwards and cake and it was nice to catch up.  L is lovely and her girls are so sweet.  We came home and Wiggles and Biscuit both helped me make lunch, they seem to be quite into chopping at the moment, so Wiggles armed with a safety knife produced her lunch and Biscuit proudly chopped with a grown up knife.  She was very careful and did so well.  After lunch I put Wiggles down for a nap, although she mostly refused to submit!  Biscuit painted a piggy bank she'd had since Christmas as she was feeling crafty.  

I think it's pretty.

Because it had rained for most of the day we decided to go for a walk when we spotted some sunshine. I love walking with both girls and the woofer. In the evening Mr Husband and I caught up on some of the TV we'd been storing up on our Sky box. 

Friday - Work for me, it was Tallulah's Birthday so I met her at lunchtime to give her presents. She was off to spend the afternoon with her family. I wish I could have joined them, her family are ace. I grabbed an M&S lunch and bought some  milk. Nothing out of the ordinary. Left work at the usual time and forgot the flippin' milk! I was in a right grump when I got home from work, no idea why! Mr Husband cheered me up with cuddles and loveliness. 

Saturday - We all woke up early to make sure everything was clean, tidy, spick and span ready for Auntie Poppy to visit. We hadn't seen her since Christmas so it was lovely to catch up. I wish she lived closer. After she left we went into town, we needed a new kitchen bin desperately. Oh, the glamour. It is good having one that doesn't sporadically chuck itself noisily on the floor. Me Husband let me have an afternoon nap whilst he watched sport. In the evening we went to watch a comedian at a gig in a nearby town. My Birthday present to Mr Husband. It was very good. Nice to spend some time alone together doing something different. Here's a happy grainy photo taken at the venue:

Sunday - My girls and I woke up at a reasonable hour, left Daddy to sleep and came down to have breakfast. We were in high spirits and having fun with one another. Then my Brother came in to complain that we hadn't locked the front door the previous night. Ugh! Front door locking is irrelevant to me, it's his job. He was awake when we came home. Why would I get involved, I don't really have any interest. Sometimes living so close to family is irritating in the extreme, and my brother, having learning difficulties, can be irrational, argumentative and downright bloody annoying! I think what gets me most is that if he gets upset, even if it's because he failed to do something properly, it's automatically my fault. Grrr. 

To de-stress I made blueberry muffins, before we had a quick lunch and went off for a little walk together. Geocaches were located, obvs. There's no glamour hunting for caches! Poor Biscuit was (very safely) dangled below a bridge! Don't worry, it wasn't over a river, just a twiggy ditch.

It was quite blustery, but I don't mind that. We walked past a lovely old house, hall I suppose, with a moat! I want a moat!! 

We came home and warmed up with a cuppa and watched Gnomeo and Juliet together - AMAZEBALLS! Then had yummy roast chicken before it was the kiddiwinks bath then bedtime. Mr Husband and I watched telly and snuggled in the evening. 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. Oh what a clever thing Biscuit is, those mugs look so lovely! And you repay her for her ceramic work with some ditch-dangling....shocking! ;)
    Wiggles is looking super cute in the bobble hat too! x

    1. Mahaha! Only way to do it! Keep em keen - dangle them over a ditch! hahahaha :) x

  2. Oh Kate you are a tonic :-) I'm feeling very mardy and oh so tired but just read this post and smiled. I love your names for everybody and that Mr Husband cheered you up when you were grumpy and that Wiggles produced a smelly nappy absolutely on purpose at toddler group.Great post :-) xxx

    1. Jess, what a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much! I shall treasure those words, you are very, very lovely indeed! xx

  3. So many things! Love the art projects produced by your budding Picasso & all your family adventures. That coat is beyond divine, by the way!

    1. Keeps em busy! I'll bet the "things" were just the same? Thank you as well, I love that coat! Still can't believe I was given it!

  4. Your weeks always sound so jam-packed with variety. All those ceramics are decorated so beautifully, what an artist! And always cake. You make me want to make and eat cake, always. It's nice to see how much time you and your guy make for yourselves together and to give each other a break. I'm jealous in a non-green-eyed way.

    1. Love you! I do love your actually head off! Thank you, you are a sweetie! xx


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