Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Week That Was - Wine, Wind and Whoah, there's a tree in your house!

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Biscuit to school. Wiggles and I headed home. Just as I opened the door my phone rang, it was Lynn from work ringing to tell me that we've passed the first stage of the Eggheads auditions and that we've made it to the recording list! Whoah!!!!!!! A very exciting start to a week! Wow, wow, wow!  Wiggles and I cleared up the weekend's carnage. Well I cleared, she created, but as long as I work twice as fast as her we make progress! Then off to town for a ball of wool and some soup ingredients. Back home and we made lots of soup for our week's lunches. I collected Biscuit, then took her dancing. I had a good catch up with Lil, then we raced home through the rain for tea. In the evening Lucky, Impressive E, Mrs Robinson and I went to Tilly's house for a "no children" drinky-poo. I am not a big drinker. I rarely indulge at home, but I am expert in handling my booze. That said: 

That is a LOT of wine. I felt a little squiffy! It was marvellous fun and we chatted like there was no tomorrow before heading home at 2am. On a school night! Hee hee hee :) 

Tuesday -  Thanks to plenty of water my head was fine in the morning. Lucky sent me this, which made me smile:

We're certainly smiling there, aren't we?  You can almost hear the shouts of "Cheeeese!"  Left to right that's Impressive E, Tilly and Lucky with me on the top.

Wiggles and I did a little sitting and did some crochet whilst Wiggles "sorted" some wool. Poor Impressive E was feeling very poorly indeed, so we offered to have baby Beetle for the afternoon. Wiggles was wonderful with her! Fetching her toys to chew and giving her cuddles. Made me think what a lovely big sister she'd make. No, no, no more babies, sigh. When it was time to do the school run I strapped Wiggles into her sling and pushed Beetle in her buggy.  We picked up Biscuit and Woolly and came back for some pink milk and cookies to give Impressive E more time.  She came to collect them around half past five.  It was lovely to have them both and they were so good.  I felt quite smug that I'd survived looking after four small children on my tod!

Wednesday - It was Biscuit's Victorian Day at school. I was so sad that I had to work and couldn't take her in and see her class all dressed up. She was so excited! They weren't allowed to have crisps or cartons for lunch, they had to carry baskets rather than their school bags, so sweet! Thankfully my Mum took pictures for me:

Ain't she a cutie? 

I went into work. Have I explained properly that on a Wednesday I work with my lovely friend LB?  At half past two it has turned into something of a tradition for us to have a lovely cup of Earl Grey and a nice piece of cake or something equally decadent.  Today we had the most marvellous choux buns provided by LB that were filled with creme anglaise.  So delicious.  As I was leaving work I had an email from the Eggheads team telling us all about filming dates and what to wear.  When I got home Mr Husband was in a panic as they had brought the filming date forward by a day and we weren't sure if his work would give him the day off.  It was tense.  If he couldn't go the whole thing would be off, for all of us, eeeps!

I got a text from Tilly to say that on after clearing up, she'd worked out that on Monday night we consumed:

6 bottles of white wine
1 bottle of fizz
1 bottle of rose
A small unknown quantity of Pimms.
3 big bags of crisps
1 pot of olives
1 box of chocolates
1 big bag of popcorn
24 spring rolls and some nuts!

I was quite impressed!  It certainly made me chuckle!!

Thursday - Early phone call from Mr Husband to say that his work were wonderful and had agreed to let him off a day early.  So relieved I can't tell you, I REALLY didn't want to have to explain that to my friends.  Very, very thankful to his work for being so lovely.  In the morning Wiggles and I shared a poached egg on toast (I didn't really want to share, but what can you do?) did a spot of washing and tidying, then popped round to Tilly's for a cuppa.  Lucky and Dinky went too.  Wiggles is so cute when she tries to say Dinky's name.  Even cuter trying to say Em's she pokes her tongue out when she does it, makes me laugh every time. A quick trip to the supermarket before making veggie bean chilli for everyone. In the evening we were supposed to go to WI for a Valentines cookery demonstration, but Mum was pooped so we chickened out. 

Friday - Work for me in the morning, running late so I was in a hurry. Biscuit had a Valentine's Disco after school and was so excited! I had a call just before lunch to say the school had rung Mum to report that Biscuit had a high temperature so she'd had to pick her up. She was gutted she'd miss her disco! I went out at lunchtime and bought her a Merida doll to cheer her up. 

I had an email at work to say Boden were having an 80% off sale. How could I resist? Four dresses later I felt pleased as punch. On the way home from work I collected Indian takeaway en route. It rained so hard I could barely see to drive. We were planning to watch The Hunger Games but it took so long to download onto our Sky box I have up and had an early night. I was le-pooped! 

Saturday - Poor Biscuit was still hot and a bit poorly. She ate some toast and needed to rest again so retreated to the sofa. Wiggles and I drove Gran and Uncle to the station whilst Daddy looked after her. We popped quickly into the supermarket before heading home. Once back we received a call from our neighbour to say a tree had blown down onto their house! 

Thankfully everyone was fine and it could have been a lot worse. They were very shaken up though, poor things! After leaving Wiggles and I collected newspapers for recycling from around the village. This is usually my brother's job, but he is away for the weekend. We came home, got changed and my MIL and FIL came for lunch. Biscuit went back to bed for a sleep and Wiggles had her nap so strangely it ended up just being the four of us! 

Mr Husband went out to buy Brave on DVD to go with Biscuit's Merida doll (which she loved) as she'd declared that she "didn't know enough about her". We all watched Brave whilst the wind blew outside. Biscuit cried. She is a terrible wimp. In the evening I went to a quiz night in the local village hall to raise funds for the Playgroup. I had a lovely time. We only came 5th out of 10, but hey! It was a lot of fun. 

Sunday - Despite it being my turn for a lay in I got up to feed the dogs early. Mum is away so it falls to me. Still, how can anyone resist this looking up at you? 

Mr Husband was going to the football for most of the day, so Wiggles and I grabbed the opportunity to get some fresh air whilst he and Biscuit stayed at home.  We went for a lovely walk, it was bright and sunny and warm and we were even a little too hot a some points wrapped up in our heavy coats.

When we got home Mr Husband set off for his day away and I began preparing soup for lunch.  Wiggles ate it beautifully and Biscuit tried to join in, though in reality she just poked at it.  Afterwards Wiggles had her nap and Biscuit and I made some crafty animal figures from the front of a children's magazine that her Nanna had given her the previous day.  She did so well, she can be so precise when she wants to be!

We spent the rest of the day doing very little and I got some time to myself in the evening to watch ladies telly and put my feet up.  This I liked!

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. I sincerely have no idea how you get so much done-- I know I've said it before, and I must sound a bit broken record-ish, but seriously!! And woot & yay to the school night wine party!!

    1. Ha! I think it just looks like I doors than I do because I can string it out written down! Honest guv! In truth I'm a right lazy mare!! :) xx

  2. Omg how scary!!

    That Victorian outfit is literally the most adorable thing ever.

    OMG are you going to actually be on actual eggheads?! I love that show!


    1. Thank you Hayley!! I know, actual Eggheads! I am officially terrified! :) x

  3. Where to start? What a week! I suppose I'll just focus on this Eggheads thing because I'm crazy excited to see this in action whenever that is and also YES she is a stinkin cutie!

    1. I shall keep you posted with dates to be aired, assuming we make it that far! Iight make a monumental berk of myself! :)


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