Monday, 17 March 2014

The Week That Was - Dancing, Shoes and Sunshine...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - As the sun was shining and the weather was lovely Wiggles and I took my Mum and the dogs on a walk after dropping Biscuit off at school. I was keen to use the new app that I'd downloaded: Map My Walk. It was very good, linking directly to the My Fitness Pal app which I use to help me diet. Sadly we only walked for 1.3 miles! I thought we'd been further so it just goes to show! I wore Wiggles in her sling, on my back which is still a bit of a novelty for me. When we got home we made brocolli and Stilton soup for lunch - my favourite! Unfortunately the bottom of my kilner jar sheared off due to the heat and I ended up with soup all over the kitchen, such a waste. We walked down to school to pick up Biscuit and went to the swings before dancing started. Wiggles was a little pickle and insisted in joining in with her big sister! 

Tuesday -  After the school run Wiggles and I went to her toddler group. She seems to be obsessed with licking the playdough. I think it must be salty, weird kid! Afterwards we came home, had jacket potatoes for lunch and Wigs had a nap. Straight after collecting Biscuit from school we went up to the Dentist. Biscuit was so good! She opened her mouth really wide and enquirer very politely about when she was likely to have a wobbly tooth? She was pleased as punch to learn that she'd got a big tooth coming through at the back. She chose an Ariel sticker as her reward and we headed home. 

Wednesday - Work for me. Another fairly standard day. At lunch time I visited my favourite Charity Shop, they were having a half price sale as they're closing for refurbishment at the end of the month. I bought a lovely little black handbag and a string of pearls for the princely sum of £3!

I also popped into Lush and ended up buying a stick of solid perfume. I opted for Karma. I was a bit disappointed though, when I smelt it in the shop it seemed light and citrusy, but once I'd got it outside it seemed to have become heavy and musky. I think the overall smell of the shop affected my nose and I'm not sure I'll really wear it. Hey ho. 

Thursday - Poor old Biscuit was poorly and had been sick in the night. Cue boil washing of sheets and lots of cleaning up. I felt really sorry for her. Obviously she had the day off school and bar a bit if tidying up we didn't really do a great deal. We watched Monsters University and Biscuit snuggled under the poorly blanket. In the afternoon my Mum kept an eye on Biscuit and I took Wiggles for a walk to get her some fresh air. We bumped into Lucky, Dinky, Tilly and Em which was nice. They children all ran around on the grass together. When we came home we had our hair cut, then a slightly later tea than usual. Biscuit was too poorly to have her hair cut, poor scrap. In the evening we watched a bit more of series 3 of Game of Thrones. The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors! 

Friday - Work for me. Thankfully Biscuit was feeling much better so I didn't have to worry too much about leaving her. Mollers and I paid another visit to my favourite Chazza at lunch time, whilst on the curry run. I bought a skirt, a t shirt and a pair of beautiful red shoes for just £6.25! Happy face.

Unusually LB was in for part of the day, even though it was a Friday, yay! We also had the lovely news that our dear friend Carlos the Jackal returns to work on Monday after a period of extended absence. I know she's probably dreading it, but I'm really looking forward to seeing her again to check she's ok. 

Saturday - Mr Husband's turn to have a sleep, I got up grumpily as Wiggles started yelling at half six. Not on! It was a lovely sunny day so after making sure I'd opened every window in the house to let the fresh air in we went to a stretch of river a few miles away for a lovely stroll in the sun. Wiggles decided that she wanted to walk, pretty much the whole four miles! She did so well! They both did. 

Halfway through our walk we paid a quick visit to a little craft centre where we treated Biscuit to a toy dolphin and Wiggles to a pretty dress. At the National Trust gift shop I picked up a canvas bag for me, some earrings for Mum for Mother's Day and some fudge for us all to share. We went to the Supermarket on the way home and picked up some new t-shirts for Wiggles and some ice lollies. In the evening Mr Husband and I watched an episode of The Following which stared Kevin Spacey and an episode of Shetland. Both were excellent. I was battling against what is now an enourmous croche blanket with a reluctant edge! I'm hoping to finish it at the next session. 

Sunday - My turn for a lay in, followed by a lovely hot bath. I had a text from Impressive E saying that they were going to the allotment to dig then BBQ if we fancied it. We did! So we joined the Impressive's, plus Beetle and Woolly. It's looking ace! We had a lovely afternoon with cider and sunshine. 

We came home around half four for pasta, excellent football results and snuggles. 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. Is it sad the best bit of my week was house sitting for mum? It felt like a holiday lol. I'm jealous of you having a BBQ, weekend and sun just screams it to me x

    1. Not at all!!! I LOVE house sitting, I always think it's like being on holiday! And I love a BBQ, but that's probably connected to the fact that I am a hoover pig...xx

  2. So much done!! We've barely had a hint of spring thus far, with snow predicted for next week...sigh!!

    1. Oh no! It feels like the longest winter ever! Hope some sun has shone on you now xx


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