Monday, 3 March 2014

The Week That Was - Lights, Camera, Action!

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - The first day back at school after half term. Biscuit was very keen to get back and see her friends. We walked Pearl the Pug on the school run and for a brief spell around the field afterwards. Wiggles and I came home and spent the morning doing very little. I made some pea soup for our lunch and Wiggles hoovered it up with great gusto. 

After lunch Wiggles had a lovely long nap before getting up in time to collect Biscuit from school. Biscuit had her dancing "lesson" and Wiggles tried her level best to join in. We came home, had tea and then we all went out on a walk in the dark with Daddy. It was great fun! We found the perfect spot to hide a cache before coming home and putting the monkeys to bed. 

Tuesday -  We went to Toddler Group with Impressive E and Baby Beetle, it was their first trip. I think they had fun. In a weird turn of fate it was Clock's last trip before returning to work. I shall miss her. We had celebratory carrot cake which was sooooo good. We came home and Wiggles napped then we collected Biscuit from school and went to meet Tallulah. We had a good chat and then strolled around the shops together. We came home, ate haggis for tea and Mr Husband went out to meet his chums for a catch up. I had a lovely early night. Mmmmm

Wednesday - Work for me, yawn. I spent my lunch break buying mini toiletries to get around luggage restrictions. I came home and packed my suitcase ready to fly to Glasgow.  There was nothing else of interest that occurred to be honest! 

Thursday - We woke up and it was throwing it down, I walked Biscuit into school and Mr Husband stayed in the warm and dry. I popped back out again to get my eyebrows waxed (so important) and left, pleased and no longer looking like Su-Bo! We collected all our bits together and Mum took Wiggles and Biscuit off to ballet and Mr Husband and I  set off to my manager Shoe's house to meet Bob before setting off together to the airport. We met Lynn and Jade in the car park and headed off on the us towards the airport. Everything went very smoothly and we boarded the flight on time. It was surprisingly busy! The flight was fine, Mr Husband and I sat with Bob and on the other side of the aisle opposite sat Jade, Lynn and Shoe. We arrived at Glasgow airport in the dark and were heralded into a taxi for six by a super helpful chap before heading off towards our hotel. We arrived and went to check in, only to find out we'd been given the wrong hotel details and we were in the wrong place! Cue a minor panic from Lynn and a flurry of phone calls before we were back in a taxi and heading towards the correct hotel. The new hotel was BEAUTIFUL! And it came as a wonderful surprise that the thoughtful production team had booked a room for Mr Husband and I to share and single rooms for the single people, yay!!! No more sleeping with my Manager! I like you Shoe, but I'm just not sure I'll ever be ready!! Our room was completely gorgeous: 

After a small faff with the key card we dumped our bags and headed back out to get some food. We found the most fantastic bar and grill right next door which was scandalously handy!! We had some much needed food and a drink and listened to a great live band. Check out Bob's giant burger!

I fought every instinct and we went back to the hotel at a reasonable hour rather than staying up and having fun! Out hotel room was rather lovely though, so it wasn't too much of a hardship! 

Friday - We woke up early and had showers and a cup of tea. I sorted our my hair and make up and we got dressed, packed up our bags and met the others (bar Shoe) in the foyer. We headed out to a little cafe and bought a bacon roll each before heading back to the hotel to wait for our taxi. Shoe finally joined us and we nervously made small talk whilst we waited. Continuing in the theme of nothing quite running smoothly the taxi was late and we had to call the BBC to chase it up! Eventually it turned up and we whizzed to the BBC Scotland building. 

I couldn't help but think how much it reminded me of The Ministry of Magic inside as it was so big and impressive. 

We were met in the front of the building by two members of the Eggheads team who were looking after us that day. They were so lovely! Really keen to put us at ease. They took us straight up to the Green Room where we had tea and coffee and there was food if we wanted it. We were asked to lay out our outfits (we each had to bring four) before the wardrobe ladies came in and chose which they thought would look best together on screen. Then we were taken down to make up to make us look pretty! I was a little concerned that my make up lady seemed to spend twice as long on mine compared to the other girls! I was pleased that she said my hair didn't need to be touched, I'm not keen on other people doing my hair, they always seem to make me look like Minnie Mouse!! 

We returned to the Green Room to get changed. I was pretty chuffed that the wardrobe ladies like the dress I'd arrived in so much they suggested I keep it on! Even though we weren't supposed to wear any blue, at all, of any description! Ha! It is a lovely I am just after being given my name badge:

After that we were lead into the studio and sat in our places. We were given microphones by the sound team and allowed to take a few pictures. Here's Mr Husband and I behind Jeremy Vine's desk: 

The lights were so bright we look a little luminous! Mr Husband was then take off to watch proceedings from another room whilst filming started. He was our "spare" team member in case anyone was unable to film for any reason. It was so nice to have him there with me. The Eggheads filed in and sat down at their desk and said hi. We had Chris, Kevin, Judith, Barry and Tremendous Knowledge Dave. Jeremy Vine then arrived and we made small talk whilst waiting for things to kick off. I tried winking at Judith across the room to see of she 'd wink back at me, but she just stared at me like I was a lunatic. I did notice she was wearing sparkly converse which I thought were pretty impressive. This was my team sat waiting to go:

We kicked off the filming and I was a lot less nervous than I'd imagined I would be (initially anyway, I got pretty flipping terrified later). I'm obviously not going to share exactly what happened with you, I'm sworn to secrecy I'm afraid.  But you will be able to watch for yourselves in around, erm, a year....

Anyway, the filming went fine, and after we'd finished we were reunited with Mr Husband and got to have our photographs taken with the Eggheads and Jeremy.  Unfortunately I don't have access to these pictures at the moment, as they're all on Lynn's camera.  We were then whisked away from the BBC once again in our very own taxi to the airport.  We arrived a little early so decided to kill some time in the bar.  Adventurous drinks choices huh?

The plane was on time and the flight was busy, but smooth. We landed, found Bob's car and drive back to Shoe's house to collect our car. Mr Husband and I then drove home via the supermarket so we could pick up a couple of little presents for the girls. We'd missed them! My Mum and Dad made us all tea and we had an early night, we were shattered!!

Saturday - Mr Husband had a lay in (aren't I nice?) and I got up with the girls. After lunch Mr Husband too Biscuit to see a The Lego Movie, Wiggles and I stayed at home and played Hide and Seek. When they came home we had tea. After the children were in bed we watched two episodes from Season Three of Game of Thrones (we need to refresh our memories ready for Season Four in April) before I went to bed early feeling yucky with a cold. 

Sunday - My turn for a lay in, yay! Followed by a lovely peaceful bath, bliss! Afterwards we all popped to the Supermarket to buy nappies before having some lunch. After lunch I made granola (I'm obsessed, recipe to follow once perfected). It worked out really well. Then we headed out for a lovely bracing walk on which we picked up some Geocaches (obvs). Still wearing my Sleepy Nico, see:

We came home, had tea, bathed the small people and watched cosy telly; Jonathan Creek. Perfect! 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. Replies
    1. It's so exciting! Not for ages and ages unfortunately. At least a year, I promise to let you know though!

  2. OMGGGGG!!!! I'm silently squealing (and thats only coz the baby is in bed, or else I`d let it all out!)

    SO exciting. When is it on?!!!! xx

    1. Hahaha, that made me chuckle! I think I was roughly the same amount of nervous excitement too! Not on for a least a year sadly, but I will let you know! Promise!

  3. That sounded like a grand week! How fun is that being on TV? I could never do it, I like to be on the other side of the lens better. My week was nothing as cozy as yours... love reading:)

    1. It was a great experience! Ahhh, thanks Tiffany, you are kind x

  4. Oh wow that is SO exciting lovely!! You must let us know when :) xx


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