Monday, 12 May 2014

The Week That Was - Every Cloud Has a Little Star Wars

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - We woke up early showered and headed off to visit my friend Berg, his wife and gorgeous little girl. They live near Canary Wharf, so we were all brave and walked to their apartment. We had a lovely chat, cake and a catch up. We left, headed back to the apartment on the bus, the made our way back home. We stopped for a dirty burger and at the supermarket on the way and got presents for the girls. It was lovely to see them and give them a big cuddle. We were pooped in the evening so we settled down with a beer and caught up in Game of Thrones. 

Tuesday -  School run in the rain, then came home to tidy up. Lucky rang me with some devastating news that one of the little girls in Biscuit's class has been diagnosed with an inoperable, life limiting brain tumour. Couldn't think straight after that. It's just so desperately sad. Took Wiggles to baby group. Felt I should. We home, she napped, the school run. After coming home I took Biscuit out to buy new school shoes. Gran had lost hers over the weekend. Ugh! Still she was pleased, which in turn pleased me. 

Wednesday - Work for me. More horrible news; my lovely friend Carlos the Jackal is having some rotten things to deal with at home. I think she's so great, I just want her to have a little sunshine in her life, not constant bloody rain. Mr Husband kept me awake most of the night either coughing or groaning in his sleep. I'd really like him to get better soon, poor lad. Still, sleep us for the weak, right? 

Thursday - After the school run we went to Impressive E's house for tea, then lunch to celebrate Nark's 40th Birthday. Impressive E had made the most amazing lunch, really yummy, she's an amazing cook. I did tuck in, it's rude to turn down someone's birthday cake, but I did skip tea as that felt excessive!!! I don't think I overdid it though, so fingers crossed the diet will still be on track! Lunch was so lovely we stayed put and missed Messy Play!!! I assisted with the cheese and pineapple hedgehog:

Look at that bloomin lovely quiche! 

This was BOUND to happen...

We had such a lovely afternoon! 

Once Mr Husband arrived home I whizzed out to pick my car up from the garage following repair. It looks gorgeous now -like new! I also popped to the shop to buy some wool. Spent the evening working on a new baby blanket for Key at work's little one. 

Friday - Work for me, cheered up by an amazing curry at lunchtime. Apart from that a wholly unremarkable day. Spot of crochet in the ebony and an early night. 

Saturday - I woke up early and let Mr Husband sleep in, hoping it might help shift his cough. Once he'd woken up I tidied the house, popped some washing in and we all headed to the shops to stock up and the billions of things we seem to have run out of. Such rubbish weather we couldn't go to the allotment as planned so instead we watched Star Wars together. After the children had gone to bed I crocheted and we watched  Endeavour. 

Sunday - A far better night's sleep for me, my Mum armed me with ear plugs to combat Mr Coughy-Groan. I even got a lay in, hurrah! I let him go back for an extra hour once I was up though, aren't I kind? I made carrot and coriander soup for lunch. Again the weather was so bloomin awful we were housebound so another Star Wars went on! Afterwards we emptied Biscuit's room ready for if to be decorated tomorrow. Mr Husband made one of his amazing Pecan Pies and the small children had a bath. Who doesn't love a Sunday?

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. There is literally nothing a little Star Wars can't fix! We have marathons every year in our house. Sorry to hear about friends and husbands having a hard go of it lately-- sending good vibes to all!

    1. You are lovely my dear, thank you! Perhaps I will suggest a little Star Wars as an antidote for him! :) xx

  2. Gosh, what horrible news :( A cheese and pineapple hedgehog sounds great!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    1. They never fail to raise a smile! I often wonder if they are a universal thing, or just a weird British thing...?


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