Monday, 26 May 2014

The Week That Was - Paddling & Partying...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Walked Biscuit to school in beautiful glorious sunshine. Got home, then we went to my lovely neighbour Jill's so the children could play in her paddling pool. I took ice creams, it was lovely! Sat chatting in the warm. 

For some reason I seem to have gone for the Spanish Widow look!! Came home, Wiggles napped until we picked Biscuit up. 

Tuesday -  Wiggles and I went to baby group, Mr Husband had the day off so he stayed at home. We had lunch together then after Wiggles had napped I went into town with Mum to buy her some new shoes. Biscuit had gone to her friend Ellie's house for tea, so we didn't have to pick her up. Wiggles got the cutest shoes! 

Biscuit had such a lovely time with her friend, she was all excited when she came home.

Wednesday - Work. Ugh. On my way home I stopped off at a BBQ being held in honour of my old neighbour. It was lovely to see everyone I used to live so near again. It was a lovely evening. After coming home I carried on with a bit more crochet. I'm fivakky getting somewhere with my blanket:

Thursday -  Not a particularly remarkable day, but perfectly pleasant. Spent the morning cleaning and tidying the house. Bits of wool were everywhere!! Once I finished I decided I was bored do I invited Jill round for a cuppa. Once Mr Husnand got home and we'd eaten tea we wandered around to our village polling station to place our votes. It took ages as we bumped into about forty people! 

Friday - A marvellous day off work, for pretty much no reason! Wiggles and I went to the supermarket to buy her some new juice bottles. She keeps spitting little bits out of hers into the cups from her tea set. Everything gets wet! Well no more! After picking up Biscuit from school we went to Woolly's birthday picnic at the park. It was a bit chilly, but they all had a lovely time. I ate my bodyweight in sausage rolls, which was excellent! They were worn out by bedtime!

The Bumps...

Saturday - My Mum, Dad and Brother were all in London for the weekend for we had a lovely quiet house! We had a lazy morning, getting up slowly. I whipped out to pick up an internet order whilst Wiggles napped, then we went to get more wool (for my blankety nemesis). I've finished my squares, but now it's the monumental task of joining them all and creating the border. 


We went to Homebase to buy the paint for Wiggles' bedroom, thankfully the chap from Homebase was brilliant and understood all my nonsensical ramblings. He mixed up everything that we needed, hurrah! Plus there was a sale in so we saved over thirty quid! Yay! Lastly we went to the supermarket and bought duck pancakes for tea. Everyone else had doughnuts too, but I think they're the work of the devil. Spent the evening square joining and watching The Woman in Black. 

Sunday - A lazy start for me, followed by a delicious breakfast cooked by Mr Husband. We all went for a walk in sunshine to burn off the bacon.

Spent the afternoon joining squares (again) Skyping Auntie Poppy and generally enjoying each other's company.
Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. Oh I love her shoes! They are just the cutest little things. That blanket looks amazing, I love the little daisy in the middle, I'm looking forward to seeing then end result of it. It was mixed, half the week was sunny so we were always out and about and then the rain sort of started and put a stop on any outdoor plans, hopefully a bbq tonight if the rain stops! x

    1. Thank you, Rhiannon, it took some working out did that Daisy! Hope the sun's been shining on you xxx

  2. Hi Kate,I love Wiggles shoes,girls have such pretty shoes! The blanket looks great,can't wait to see a finished photo of it. I'm in awe of you! How do you turn those squares into a fully functioning blanket. I can't wait to see! Love Jess x

    1. Hello lovely! Thank you! In truth it's much less complicated than it might seem! Does make the wrists ache though ;) xx

  3. I love the daisies on your blanket - so cute! You are so clever :) Your neighbour's paddling pool is awesome!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    1. Thank you Hannah! Isn't it? I'm thinking of scaling the fence when she's not in and half inching it! ;) x


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