Monday, 19 May 2014

The Week That Was - Slides, Showers and Sunshine...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - After dropping Biscuit off at school Wiggles and I drove my lovely neighbour Jill and her little boy Ned to soft play. We met Tilly and Em, Mrs Robinson and Hank there. It was the first time a Wiggles had been, to say she lived it would be an understatement! She was haring about chucking herself into the balls and generally having a whale of a time! She particularly loved the massive wobbly slide, she insisted I come down with her (many, many times) and at the bottom yelled "Again! Again!"

We all stayed for lunch before heading back home. I assumed Wifgles would be pooped but she only had a short nap before we headed back out to collect Biscuit. It rained so hard on the walk back from school I let them have hot chocolate and Easter Eggs to warm themselves back up. It got a little messy! 

Because Biscuit's bedroom was being decorated she slept on a spare bed in Wiggles bedroom. Super cute. I whipped out to buy her paint and done tester pots for Wiggles room when we decorate hers. I came home to the smell of Mr Husband's delicious pecan pie which we are egoist watching Game of Thrones. 

Tuesday -  Biscuit to school, Wiggles and I to baby group. Wiggles was pretty well behaved and we had a lovely time. We came home and scoffed brocolli and Stilton soup for our lunch, I love the way Wiggles wolfs down soup!

Wednesday - Work for me, I took some soup in for Carlos the Jackal which she seemed pleased with. Went to get weighed again lunchtime, then completely failed to post my Weight Loss Wednesday post (I lost two pounds, yay!) Nothing else remotely interesting happened.  

Thursday - Impressive E popped over with Beetle after the school run to measure up Wiggles room ready to have done shelved put up. Once we'd finished we all walked over to Tilly's house where we met Lucky and Dinky. We sat in the sunshine and had a lovely cuppa and a good yap!! Tilly made us all an amazing lunch and we had such a relaxing afternoon. The kids played in the sandpit and on the slide and steadfastly refused to nap!!

I'd eaten so much lunch I was too stuffed for tea!! 

Friday - Work for me, amazing curry for lunch!! It was a lovely sunny day and it seemed a real shame to be indoors. Bought a fab dress at lunchtime and wandered around in the warm breeze. 

Saturday - In the morning I took Wiggles and Biscuit to the supermarket to buy some bits for a BBQ. When we got home we walked round to Impressive E's and then we took all the kids to a Community Woodland morning in our village. It was great, they were big hunting, butterfly making and all sorts of things. Afterwards we nipped home, picked up the lunch stiff and headed up to the allotment for a fantastic BBQ afternoon in the sunshine. Mr Husband came home to watch the FA Cup Final and was thrilled to bits that Arsenal won! I sorted out my summer/winter wardrobe in the evening, hate that job!! 

Sunday - I got the lay in, yay!  After getting up at my leisure and having a wonderful hot bath we set about putting Biscuit's bedroom back together.  Her newly painted walls look marvellous, fresh and clean.  I nipped out to the nearest town to buy  her a matching bedside lamp and also came back with ice lollies to enjoy in the sunshine.  In the evening I drove my Dad to the station, came home and did some more crochet to unwind. 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. I've not taken Ethan to soft play yet, I can't wait to, it looks so much fun! :D x

    1. I bet he'll LOVE it! If you have a good one nearby it can be very handy :) xx

  2. That slide looks fantastic!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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