Monday, 9 June 2014

The Week That Was - Plaster Disaster...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Up early for a trip to Legoland! I have no idea why I agreed to go. Well I do, for the children. But I have to admit I hated every minute. It was packed, really, really packed. Even the journey was awful. Biscuit and Wiggles enjoyed it though! 

We were home quite late, after their bedtime so we had a quiet evening. 

Tuesday -  Wiggles and I went to baby group, it seems like ages since we were last there! It was lovely to catch up with everyone though. We came home to be told that there have been major problems with decorating Wiggles bedroom. Apparently all the plaster came off with the wallpaper so now we're stuck with a useless room that can't be decorated or lived in until it's all replastered.

Wednesday - Work for me. My only day this week so it was my Monday and my Friday! A nice day though, not too busy, not too quiet. After work I made two sponges for Wiggles birthday cake so they could really cool before being iced. 

Thursday - After walking Biscuit to school I iced Wiggles' cake. Pretty pleased with how it turned out! 

I cleaned the house ready for baby visitors then Wiggles had a nap. Impressive E popped over for a cuppa, then after we'd had tea and put the kids to bed I whipped out to Aldi to do the shopping. 

I'm a sucker for a meal plan, and got two weeks worth of food for £90 which I think is pretty good! I've been really enjoying reading A Girl Called Jack's blog and watching Jamie's Money Saving Meals and feel quite inspired to try and spend less, whilst still eating well. After coming home we watched telly and I wrapped Wiggles' Birthday presents. I was pooped by bedtime! 

Friday - Wiggles' 2nd Birthday!!! We were all up early to open her presents, then we had breakfast (fromage frais, her favourite) before walking Biscuit to school. Afterwards Wiggles' friends came  over to eat cake before going to the swings for a little picnic. 

We collected Biscuit from school then headed home to meet Nana and Grandad. I couldn't be arsed to cook in the evening so Mr Husband furnished us with a curry. Good man! 

Saturday - Friday had been so busy that all I craved was a nice quiet day!  Useful as it really threw it down in the morning anyway.  We all pottered about and I spent some time in the kitchen making us two yummy homemade meals.  The plasterer came over in the afternoon to have a butchers at Wiggles's bedroom before he (hopefully) starts work on Monday.  We all had early nights and generally recuperated.

Sunday - Impressive D came over first thing in the morning to begin working on the shelves that will be going into Wiggles' bedroom.  I made really yummy barbecue pulled pork for our lunch and felt thoroughly stuffed!  Impressive E popped over for a little while to check on progress and we sat the the garden having a chat.  Impressive D has done an amazing job with the boxing in, he's clever old chap and we are VERY lucky to have him helping us.

This may look like nothing to some, but it's HUGE progress to me!! You can see how awful the plaster looks after Tuesday's debacle, but hopefully it'll all be fixed again soon.

In the late afternoon we all went for a walk to the swings.  Wiggles made me laugh by insisting on taking her sheep handbag with her, which looked super cute!  I love the longer days, it's really nice to be able to go for a walk in the evening and still enjoy the sunshine.

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. I love Aldi and a fortnights shopping for £90.
    Happy birthday to Wiggles - what a fantastic cake!

    1. You can't beat it can you!?! Thank you, I must say I was pretty chuffed with it. And it was actually edible for once! Too many times I've made a cake I daren't let anyone eat!

  2. Happy Birthday Wiggles! The cake is to die for! Totally feel you on the plaster-- home improvement is such fun. Not. Looking forward to seeing the finished result though!

    1. Thank you lovely Taby! I swear, if I never have to home improve again I'll be a happy girl! You're right though, it'll all be worth it in the end :) xx

  3. Look at that cake! Amazing!!! Legoland sounds hellish!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    1. Ahh thank you! Never again, even the thought of Legloland makes me shudder now! xx


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