Monday, 14 July 2014

The Week That Was - Dancing Barefoot in Thunderstorms

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - School run first, then home then straight back out for a walk for Wiggles and I. We're starting the week off right!! We came home and tucked into pea soup for lunch. Yum. Biscuit was out at Princess' house for tea and came home happy and tired.

Tuesday -  Wiggles and I headed off to baby group, then back home for a nap (her not me).  Meanwhile, Mum had taken Pearl for a walk and had a nasty incident with a local lady not controlling her whippet.  It tried to attack Pearl, pick her up by the back of the neck and generally do away with her.  Poor Mum was very upset.  Wiggles and I took a longer walk to school to collect Biscuit and once we'd arrived we encountered the lady dog owner in the playground.  She then proceeded to tell me that it was my Mum's own fault (it wasn't) and then go off in hysterical tears as though I had upset HER!  Bloomin' cheek!  Apparently someone criticising the way you do (or indeed do not) take care of your dog is akin to someone criticising your parenting.  It isn't at all and I find the suggestion offensive.  Grrrr.  Sorry, rant, rant.  After tea we went for a family walk,  I had an early (football avoidance) night and was most amused by Lucky who had just watched the first ever episode of Game of Thrones.  She was messaging me with her newbie questions and it was sooooo sweet.

Wednesday - Work for me, the weather was ridiculously cold and wintery.  Also very, very windy.  Carlos the Jackal and I went chazzing at lunch, and I was really very restrained! I called into the supermarket after work to buy hair colour (whoop) and then had an other early night, I did however sit up in bed for a bit and sew up my big pants as it seemed by big tummy had busted a hole in them.  Oh the glamour! 

Thursday - School run for us first thing, through the bloomin 'orrible weather.  Wiggles and I went on a trip to Argos to collect her toy pirate ship which Mr Husband had bought her as a present.  Even though the box was massive she wouldn't let me carry it.  You could say she was something of a happy Wiggles. 

Afterwards we came home and had lunch followed by a nap. Wiggles, Biscuit and I went to Biscuit's ballet class open session to watch her dance, it was lovely and she did so well!  I stuffed Wiggles full of crisps and sweeties to keep her quiet - which pretty much worked!  Apart from the quiet bit where she yelled "Hello Biscuit!" rather loudly, but hey it was cute! We went home in the pouring rain for sausage casserole and jacket spuds, perfect miserable evening food.  After we'd put the children to bed I headed out to WI, there was a speaker talking about flower arranging, but it really wasn't my bag.

Friday - Such a dull day, there was no Carlos the Jackal and no LB to keep me company. I headed out for curry at lunch with Ell instead, which was nice and he is such a sweetheart.  After work I called in at Asda to buy heavy duty rubber gloves, bleach, and cleaning cloths, ready to help Impressive E clean her new house the following day.  I was a tiny bit concerned that my shopping list made me loo like I was planning a murder! 

Saturday - Biscuit went to a birthday party at a little school chum's house.  She was thrilled to bits because they each got to dress up as their favourite Princess and there was a Frozen bouncy castle, there were Frozen themed games and cake and they had their little faces painted.  I think she was in heaven!  I went round to Impressive E and Impressive D's new house to be to clean, clean, clean.  Oh the filth!  I can honest say I have never seen dirt like it or anywhere near as disgusting.  I actually ran out of bleach (and we'd taken masses) and wore through several scouring pads and we'd still only really covered the upstairs.  We rewarded ourselves with homemade bakewell slices and ladies beer in the garden.  After heading home I had a VERY hot bath to de-gross and coloured my hair quickly before getting changed.  Tilly, Lucky and and Mr Lucky then headed round for nibbles in the garden before we all went off to a local music festival.

Mr Husband didn't join us (not his thing) but did have nibbles.  And safety coke.
I can honestly say it was the best night out I've had in ages.  Everyone was drinking and dancing and on good form.   We plonked ourselves right down at the the front to watch the first band and it was such a laugh.

Lucky and I, isn't she a fox?  She'd had her hair done specially, it even had GLITTER!
Tent full!
And right at the front, Lucky, Mr Lucky and meeeee!

Then we had more drinks before the second band and we stood at the back singing our heads off! It started to completely tip it down, rain like I have never ever seen before with thunder and lightning.  Everyone was outside dancing barefoot in the rain, it was mental!  But so much fun.  We nipped into a pub on the way home for a drink, then wobbled our way to bed. 

Tilly. Lucky, Mr Lucky and meeeee!

Impressive D and me

I am pure class, me....Recognise my dress from last week?
Wet Lucky, just look at the waterfall behind her!

Dancing barefoot in the thunderstorm.  You can see Lil on the left and Impressive E on the right.
Sunday - I had a much needed long lay in, and woke up with a slightly fuzzy head. My bones were all aching from the excessive scrubbing the day before and I could barely walk down the stairs without wincing! We had a lovely cooked breakfast and a lazy day, I had another indulgent nap whilst Wiggles napped and read my book. Then we had a nice tea, gave the kid's bath and I had another early night avoiding the last of the football. 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. It's so long since I've danced in a thunderstorm! Now I'm hoping for more rain! And you're a hero for getting in there with the bleach x

    1. So much fun! I loved it! And thank you, oh Caz, you should have seen the grime....bleurgh!!! :) x

  2. Sounds like a fab night out! I haven't had one of those for a while ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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