Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Week That Was - Turkish Meals & Tacos...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - School run in the morning, followed by lots of tidying up, bed making, organising etc and a fleeting visit from a neighbour before Wiggles and I took Pearl the Pug for a walk.  It occurred to me that we've got out of the habit of doing this and I wanted to make sure that I had some activity for my new activity tracker to well, erm, track!  In the evening Mr Husband and I drove to a town quite a way away to meet Tallulah and Mix for a Turkish meal.  We'd bought a Groupon a little while ago as it makes it a very affordable way for us all to go out for food. It was great, and they're three of my favourite people so it was lovely to spend an evening in their company. Here's me before we left:

And here's my Turkish coffee cup. I bloody love Turkish coffee! It's like rocket fuel!! 

Tuesday -  Wiggles and I went to baby group, but she was whingey and not her usual self, poor tot. We came home early and she scoffed up a giant jacket spud and had a long nap. When she woke up we went for a nice walk to cheer her up. After picking Biscuit up from school we had our first Taco Tuesday! Biscuit was so excited, she'd been desperate for a Taco Tuesday since  watching the Lego movie. It was yummers. I had an early night as I was pooped after the night before. 

Wednesday - It was LB's last day at work before her knee operation. I'm going to miss her. I went for a stroll in the sunshine at lunch, nothing more interesting happened really. 

Thursday - After the school run Wiggkes and I tidied up. She helped me clean the windowsills, she was so cute! I squirted the polish and she rubbed it in with great glee. Then we went to Biscuit's summer concert at her school. It was lovely they all sang a little bit in their own, she did so well. We came home afterwards and Wiggles ate then napped. She was woken up by the return of the blind men putting up blank out blinds. I'm so pleased to have them! Those pesky kids really need darkness. After they'd gone and after Biscuit went to ballet with Gran, Wigs and I popped into town to pick up a dress that I'd ordered. It's mental, but I love it! What do you think? 

Photograph courtesy of Dororthy

I treated Wiggles to an ice cream, she was most pleased, and very sticky! 

She INSISTED on wearing that mental looking hat. Afterwards we had tea, put the small people to bed and watched the tellybox.

Friday - Work for me and a lovely curry for lunch.  Biscuit had a school trip to a farm in the morning followed by a party straight after work.  I came home to an empty house as Mr Husband was collecting her.  Tilly's Husband Billy called in with his Dad to drop off some of their plants for me to water whilst she is away on holiday.  Mr Husband watched the football and I headed to bed early to try and make some headway with my book.  It wasn't long before I fell asleep though!

Saturday - After cleaning the house in the morning the girls and I dropped Mr Husband off so he could join his friends on Sharky's Stag Do.  Because Uncle Schubert was going and driving the minibus Auntie Schubert and The Littlest Schubert came over to spend the day with us, rather than both of us being on our own.  We had a lovely day, not really doing much just sitting around chatting and eating before we headed out for a walk in the late afternoon.


We came back home and all enjoyed a meal together, I got to give Baby Schubert some cuddles, he really is just the sweetest little chap, I could eat him up.  Not really, obviously.

After Auntie Schubert had left I put the girls to bed before heading back out to pick Mr Husband up from the station. We called in at the supermarket before heading back home. I bought a lovely flowery dress in the sale, hurrah! 

Sunday - Up early for me and a post-Stag Do lay in for Mr Husband. The girls and I did some colouring in and they very kindly let me sit on my bum and read my book whilst they watched telly. I had a lovely relaxing bath, we stocked back up on some bits at the supermarket and later on I had a lovely bath. We had a lovely meal all together and the Smalls had a bath. In the evening Mr Husband and I watched a DVD and snuggled up. 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. I love the new dress! Very modern & cool. And I am so with you on turkish coffee, just lovely!

    1. Thank you, me too! I could do with a Turkish coffee right! ;) xx

  2. Ooh it's like a superhero dress!!! Love it!! Your hair is also awesome :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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