Monday, 18 August 2014

The Week That Was - Parks, Pukes and Rusty Nails....

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - It was a busy day for us!  Trina and her little boy and girl were coming over for lunch and to visit so we cleared up after the weekend then nipped to the shops to make sure we had enough for lunch for all of us.  They arrived and we had a lovely catch up and lunch before heading to the swings and to feed the ducks.  We came home and the children all watched Star Wars before they headed off back home.  The heavens opened and there was the most almighty thunderstorm and torrential rain.  I panicked and made our tea ridiculously early so that the power didn't go off in the middle of cooking (happens all the time in small villages).  Thankfully we made it ok!

Tuesday -  My car was due at the garage for its annual service and MOT so I packed up our bags for the day and Wiggles, Biscuit and I stopped it off and headed off to the park. We were met by Tilly and Em and Lucky, Belle and Dinky who were fresh back from their holiday. I'd missed them so much!!! We had a lovely time at the park together. The children played in the sand and we had lovely coffee and cake made by lovely Lucky. 

I did my best at a little photo bombing and ended up looking like Superwoman!!!

We has fish and chips for lunch followed by more playing before we picked the car up and headed home. In the evening Mr Husband and I went to the shops to buy a few essential bits and bobs. Oh yes, and ice cream!

Wednesday - Work for me. Ugh. LB clef in with her poorly leg, it was lovely to see her. At lunchtime I went to H&M to get a security tag taken off a t-shirt Mr Husband bought on Friday. I nipped to M&S to buy some cake ready for Crafty Stella's visit on Thursday. Apart from that, very dull! 

Thursday - Got up and tidied up, then after lunch we were joined for tea and cake by Crafty Stella and her two gorgeous girls. We had a good chat and a lot of cake, which is always a good sign, right? In the evening I had an early night and watched iplayer in bed (bliss) while Mr Husbabd watched Thor. 

Friday - Work for me, my lovely friend Lynne gave me a bottle of perfume (which I love) that she wasn't sure was "her". I couldn't have been more chuffed!!! 

At lunchtime I bought a gorgeous black dress from Monsoon in the sale.

After work I joined my Mum and Dad (who were in town for dinner) for a non-alcoholic cocktail. Look at this puppy!! 

I came home to a lovely tea cooked by Mr Husband. He is a sweetheart, so I treated him to this:

Saturday - my turn for a sleep, then a lovely long bath followed by cooked breakfast (mmmmm). Biscuit was very excited because she was going with Daddy to her first ever football match.  He'd promised her an Arsenal shirt and a car picnic on the way home.  She had sweets for half time and had been counting down the days with excitement.  They headed off and around an hour later Mr Husband rang me to say that Biscuit had been sick all over the back seat of the car.  I spoke to her and we put it down to travel sickness (not something she's ever really suffered from) and we'd decided that she should probably be ok to go ahead and continue.  Just as I was saying goodbye to them Wiggles stood directly in front of me and threw up all over me!  Ugh!  The smell is never a good thing is it?  Thankfully my Dad was on hand to help and I cleared up whilst he hosed poor Wiggles down.  Strangely she seemed fine and was running around nose diving into sofa cushions so after a  little while Mum and I decided to chance it and take her with us to a local vintage fair.  It was lovely.  We headed back without incident.  I had a Rusty Nail in a vain attempt to kill any germs that might have been hanging around in my system!!

We then discovered that poor Biscuit had been sick from the moment she entered the football ground and didn't even make it to her seat!  Thankfully the Emirates stewards and St John's Ambulance people were wonderful and took her and Mr Husband off to a First Aid room until she'd recovered enough to make the journey home.  When she eventually got in she went straight to bed.  I went to KFC to buy poor Mr Husband a treat to cheer him up after a pretty rotten and disappointing day.

Sunday - Mr Husband's turn for a sleep.  After he got up I went out to tackle the sicky car, which thankfully wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  Mr Husband went to the supermarket and came back with yummy lunch and a bouquet of flowers for me to thank me for the car cleaning and the KFC mercy dash - bless him!!  Poor Wiggles and Biscuit spent the day on the sofa wrapped in the poorly blanket watching films. 

 In the after I had started to go a little stir crazy so insisted that Mr Husband and I go out for a least a walk.  It was lovely to get out in the fresh blustery air.  In the evening I decided to go for my first ever run!  I'm not even going to pretend that I don't feel pretty smug about this turn of events.  In truth it was more of a sweaty walk than a run, but I did it!  I came back and collapsed on the sofa with my jelly legs and scoffed a Magnum Gold to recover.  A girl's gotta have some perks, right?

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. How are those girls? Goldie was sick last week but we put it down to catching and eating crayfish and undercooked elderberries - the dangers of foraging! Hope you're all well now. And that photo of you as superwoman is just brilliant x

    1. They're all better my dear! Thank you so much. Poor Goldie! Those elderberries can be pesky! Xx

  2. You always have such jam-packed weeks! Love the photobombing pic!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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