Monday, 4 August 2014

The Week That Was - Waging War on Weeds....

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - After a quick house tidy first thing Wiggles, Biscuit and I set off for the park in a nearby town. We set up camp around a park bench and were joined by Impressive E, Woolly and Beetle, then Jill and Ned and Tilly and Em and eventually Mrs Robinson and Hank. We let the children play with the equipment and in the sand which they really enjoyed. At lunchtime we went to the fish and chip shop and all enjoyed some fish and chips in the sunshine.  

We stayed at the park for six hours, SIX HOURS! Dodging a rain shower and occasionally quaffing tea or an ice cream. We came home via the supermarket, Mr Husband played golf after work and I went to stitch and bitch with Jill whilst Mum looked after the small people.

Tuesday -  In the morning I made some cinnamon bran muffins before heading out to the park. We met Impressive E, Woolly and Beetle then Mrs Robinson and Hank joined us for a wee while. I sat chatting with Nark in the shade for a while, which was nice. People came and went and we just enjoyed being outside. Impressive E went home for sausages and we had sausage sandwiches and crisps for lunch. Tilly and Em joined us and we had a nice glass of wine before eventually heading back home another six hours later! We stopped off at the river to feed the ducks and dangled our feet in the cool water which was lovely. Such a relaxing couple of days! 

Wednesday - Work for me. Boring. 

Thursday - We spent the morning baking, washing and doing jobs around the house. 

After lunch and after Wiggles had a very brief nap we went up to the allotment and waged war on some weeds! We had to double back pretty much as soon as we arrived due to a nappy incident, but after that we stayed for a couple of hours and made some real progress. We came home and had some donated allotment runner beans for tea, which were yummers! After the children went to bed we whipped out to the supermarket for nappies and coffee. Life's essentials!! 

Friday - Work again for me. On the way home I collected a take away curry that Mr Husband had ordered that he'd been hankering after. It was good! 

Saturday - Mr Husband's turn for a lay in so we had coffee with my Mum and Dad. I mended a dress before Impressive E popped round with some bits for me. Woolly stayed and played with Biscuit for a bit whilst I cooked lunch, then I walked him back round to his Mum and Dad. After eating Wiggkes had her nap and Biscuit and I walked round to do some gardening. The children played beautifully together whilst I attacked the rhubarb bed and sorted it out. When we'd finished we all sat down a had a well earned beer (not the children) which was lovely in the sunshine. We came home and I made car-Brie-nara which was delicious! 

Sunday - My turn for a lay in, but I decided to get to early and soak my aching gardening bones in the bath.  We sat outside and had coffee in the sunshine with my Dad before I started on the lunch. We had allotment potatoes, green beans and beetroot which always makes me happy! I sorted out Wiggles' wardrobe and took out all her outgrown things ready to pass on to Dinky.  After eating lunch I drove over to meet my lovely friend Winky, who I haven't seen in ages. We had a really good catch up in the sunshine and it was lovely. So nice to see her again. 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. You really need to start posting recipes Kate, because everything you describe sounds delicious!

    1. Bless you, ta duck! I do keep meaning to! One day I might be organised enough!

  2. Aww your week sounds fab! Alternate lie-ins sounds like a great idea!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    1. It's something I ALWAYS look forward to - love them! Thank you my dear xx


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