Monday, 11 August 2014

The Week That Was - Friends and Amigos...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - For some reason I woke up pretty late (8am) I'm not sure how I managed this as Wiggles was not being exactly quiet!  We had breakfast and I did the usual tidy around.  The girls watched a bit of TV whilst I tried on some potential outfits for an upcoming wedding. We decided that we'd have lunch at home before heading out for the afternoon to some different swings (for a nice change) after Wiggles had enjoyed her nap.  The sun was shining but it wasn't toooo hot so the swings were a lovely place to be, I think they really enjoyed themselves.  I was chatting to a lovely lady from Colorado who was on her holidays with her Husband and five children, she was lovely and it was a really nice afternoon.

Eventually we had a walk around the nature reserve before heading home to see Daddy and make tea.

Tuesday -  We woke up, tidied up (yet again) and made oat, raisin and honey cookies before heading next door to Jill's house. The girls played really beautifully and I was dead proud. We stayed for a spot of lunch, which was lovely. We headed home for Wiggles to nap. Once she woke up we went out for a walk then scooted to the supermarket to buy ladies fizzy wine, hurrah! 

Wednesday - Should have been a work day for me, but Mum was poorly with 
food poisoning (poor thing) so I had to change my working day this week. We made sure Mum was ok, took the dog for a walk then came back for lunch and a nap (Wiggles, not me). After she woke up we went to meet Tallulah in a nearby park and had a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine. 

We came home, had tea and Mr Husband cooked us pigs in blankets as a delicious nibbly snack, mmmmm :) 

Thursday - Because Mum was poorly I swapped my day and went into work. I spent pretty much the entire day thinking it was Wednesday! 

Friday - A day off with my lovely husband! I went to pick up a dress I'd ordered first thing, then when we headed off together to town. We did some shopping, Mr Husband booked a tattoo appointment (yay) and I had a bra fitting at Marks and Spencers. We bought some more clothes for Mr Husband then went to have lunch. We opted for Mexican. It was YUMMERS and lovely to spend done time with one another alone. 

Fell a bit in love with this beer!!! I  am obsessed! Later on lovely Mr Husband bought me a fab jacket, bless him. We picked my Dad up from the station on our way home and gave him a lift home. I nipped back out to the supermarket and bought some more tequila beer and some ice cream, yay! Proper lovely day. 

Saturday - I woke up late (my lay in, yay) and had a lovely bath. My parents and brother had gone to London for the weekend so the house seemed lovely and quiet.  I had a lovely hot bath and afterwards walked Pearl the Pug and Wiggles round to the paper shop in our village to sort out a problem with my Mum's newspaper bill (she thought she'd underpaid).  Whilst I was there the lady that runs the shop was having a mini meltdown because her delivery people hadn't turned up.  To cut a long story short we ended up delivering some of the local newspapers to help her out and in exchange Wiggles was very pleased to receive a Barbie Easter Egg!  In the afternoon we went over to Mr and Mrs Small's house to attend their pre-wedding celebration, which was lovely.  We came home late (9pm - after the children's bedtime) but happy at having spent a lovely afternoon with friends.

Sunday - I woke up early and took care of the children and Mum's dogs before Mr Husband joined us.  He took Biscuit to the cinema and Wiggles and I spent the afternoon together.  The weather was fairly terrible and as soon as it stopped raining we nipped out for a quick walk and some fresh air.  We bumped into Impressive D and then Impressive E who told us that they were due to exchange on their house move on Tuesday so they'd spent their weekend moving stuff into their new garage in readiness - exciting hey?  We came home and had a lovely Sunday lunch together all four of us and then an early night because we were so sleepy from the night before.

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. We will get to see wedding photos right? And you are too kind for delivering papers-- what a wonderful neighbor you are!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Lots of exploring!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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