Monday, 1 September 2014

The Week That Was - Actually Two Weeks!

The week, before last my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Started in the usual way, sorting out the house after the weekend, then Wiggles and I took Pearl the Pug for her walk whilst Biscuit stayed at home and kept Gran entertained!  We all had carrot soup together for lunch then after trying to persuade Wiggles to nap for an hour we gave up and went to the library!  I signed the girls up for cards and they took some books out - which was VERY exciting!  Mr Husband played golf after work so I watched girl telly- woooo yeah!

Tuesday -  I got up early and went for a run first thing. Needed to get it out the way as it was the Toddler Group day trip!! Unfortunately it was terrible weather. We got a little lost on the way, Wiggles and Em fell over in the water. Wiggles lost her shoe (never to be found again) Em was VERY unhappy and we all got soaked in the rain. 

We came back home and Tilly and I had a glass of wine. Mr Husband was poorly and had an early night.

Wednesday - work for me, day with Gran for the Smalls. I met Mr Husband at lunchtime as he'd had a new tattoo. It looks fab. Then he bought me lunch; winner!! 

Points to anyone who knows what it is!!

Thursday - Went for a run first thing. After a house tidy we all went to the park and met Tilly, Em, Lucky, Dinky and Bell. It was still pretty cold so we went back to Lucky's house for tea, cake and lady beer, lovely! In the evening we had a McDonalds because we are lazy, lazy people! 

Friday - I had the day off!!! The children and I went to the seaside with Lucky, Dinky, Bell and our lovely friend Tea and her little boy M.  We all had such a lovely day drinking tea in deckchairs and generally watching the children have a marvellous time.  There were fish and chips, obviously.

Saturday - We went to the beautiful wedding of our friends Mr Small & Curly Small. It was a lovely, lovely day. I enjoyed it thoroughly!!! 

Wedding photographs taken by our lovely chum, the talented Mr Newman.

Sunday - A bit of a relaxing day, after yesterday's busy one! I went over to see Impressive E and Impressive D at their new house. They were busy, busy, busy painting, decorating and making it liveable. Its going to be gorgeous when they're done. Spent true rest if the day very little, but did manage a run in the evening. 

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Bank Holiday so Mr Husband was off work and could spend the day with us. We didn't do anything exciting, but it's lovely to all be together. 

Tuesday - Wiggles, Biscuit and I went to the swings to meet Tilly and Em. The weather was so rubbish that we came back home and watched Harry Potter!
After the children went to bed Mr Husband and I went out for a run together. 

Wednesday - work for me, very dull unremarkable day!!

Thursday - Mojito day at Lucky's house!! We had a lovely lunch followed by a couple of cocktails and the children all played together. It was really nice.

We came home, had slow cooker tea and Mr  Husband and I went out to do the shopping. 

Friday - work again, dull again! Lovely curry at lunchtime though. Another run with Mr Husband after the children had gone to bed. 

Saturday - I took Biscuit to a birthday party, tidied up the house and made lunch. Then Mr Husband and I had our hair cut. I've moved the parting in my hair into the middle and had a new (fuller) fringe added, which I'm pleased with. It's not much of a change, but even a small change can be refreshing sometimes, no?

Any thoughts?

I then picked up Biscuit before collecting my brother from a garden party. Mr Husband made coffee cake and I sat on the sofa to rest my aching knees (running injury, ugh). In the evening we watched Kill List (brutal) and ate Eton Mess ice cream. For future reference, Eton Mess ice cream is not a good accompaniment to that particular film! 

Sunday - I had a lay in, but as the children were being "high spirited" I couldn't sleep so read my book instead. Really relaxing to do nothing undisturbed! I got up, had breakfast and we all went for a lovely walk in the woods.

We came home, had lunch and polished off the coffee cake. I read some more of my book and then we all had slow cooked pork for tea, yummers.  After putting the children to bed I went to car Impressive E and Impressive D at their new gaff and had a lovely beer. Those two knock my socks off with how hard they work! Unfortunately just as we were about to go to bed Biscuit was sick, poor thing.  So we spent a while sorting her out and swilling things back down.  Hopefully she'll be feeling better by next week.

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. What a busy two weeks! Sounds lovely though, lots of great stuff going on. Your fringe looks really good full. Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC x

  2. Tree of Gondor!!!! Ah I wish you lived not so many oceans away, I think we'd get along smashingly lol


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