Monday, 8 September 2014

The Week That Was - Old Lady Knees & Brilliant Brekkies...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Thankfully Biscuit seemed to have largely recovered after being poorly during the night.  So much so she was cross that I wouldn't let her have cocoa pops for her breakfast!  It seems there is a nasty bug going around, the only people yet to have it are myself, Tilly, Impressive D and Dinky.   Fingers crossed we survive!  I spent the morning tidying up, boil washing and trying to make things a little less whiffy!

Tuesday -  We spent most of the day getting ready for Biscuit to go back to school. Thankfully she was feeling much better! I offered to take the girls to the woods for a walk, but neither of them was keen!! Probably not a bad thing as my knees were still very painful. I kept them elevated all evening and started on a new blanket in the hope that it will keep me sat still for a while!

Wednesday - Work for me, again with such sore knees, boooo! The new knee supports I'd ordered had arrived, so sexy! But hopefully they'll help...

Thursday - I joined Jill, Ned, Lucky and Dinky at Tilly and Em's house for a delicious brunch. 

My golly it was good!!! It was a really lovely morning, and Tilly is a complete Domestic Goddess! I nipped out to the doctors so I could get my knee checked out - ligament damage apparently. Ugh. They seemed to think it would be ok to keep running, but Mr Husband and I went out together in the evening and it was so painful I had to give up. 

Friday - Work for me. Sitting with Carlos the Jackal made my day brighter. I picked up a takeaway on the way home courtesy of Mr Husband. We had a lovely evening stuffing ourselves and drinking Black Cherry Bulmers. Mmmmmm.

Saturday - Mum, Dad and my brother headed off up North for a few days away visiting family.  Mr Husband took the girls to the zoo so I was home alone! Very strange! Instead of parking my bottom I cleaned the house from top to bottom! Then Impressive E and Impressive D dropped by and we headed off to the annual allotment holders BBQ which was nice. We had paella which was AMAZING! When I came home Mr Husband and the little lovelies were home so we spent the remainder of the afternoon snuggled up in the lounge watching The Incedibles. 

Sunday - I got up early and let Mr Husband sleep in. Around ten Impressive E came over and dropped off Woolly and Beetle. I'd offered to look after them both so she could get on with house stuff unhindered. They were all do well behaved! 

In the afternoon Impressive E and Impressive D joined us for tea. It was nice, but Impressive D was poorly and a bit grumpy. Poorly boys are never fun! Still it was nice to see them all, a nice end to the week. 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. Oh your poor knees!!!! The breakfasts sound gooooood though!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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