Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cake Wednesday

Is everyone on a diet? It's this time of year when everyone is fresh faced, resolute and determined to be healthy and create an army of "new me's". Well good on you! But its not for me. I never start a diet in a Monday and certainly never at the beginning of the year. Too much pressure, the risk of failure is both high and public.

And I REALLY love my food. I work two days a week. To make those days a little more bearable they have been transformed and rechristened: Cake Wednesday and Curry Friday.

Yesterday was Cake Wednesday and as it was my first day back I was very sweetly treated to a delicious cake from a shop I'd never been to before; Patisserie Valerie. A much needed cross between beautiful French patisserie, coffee shop, and high street take away (or indeed cake away). A chain apparently, cropping up in many towns around the UK, I may well be the last one to this particular party, but oh my word it was delicious!

Individually each cake would have cost £3+ but they were offering two for £5 or four for £10 so it seemed silly not to use the excuse to go nuts and drive the cost down.

I went for the "Double Choc" which was described as dark chocolate sponge layers with dark belgian chocolate cream layers, finished with a chocolate profiterole.

The Before shot...
It was, to coin a phrase, AMAZEBALLS!

Packaged up in a beautiful cardboard box complete with ribbons and stickers, then popped into a very pretty paper bag. Am I the only carrier bag snob out there? I'll be reusing that baby!

My cake was rich and gooey and I needed a cuppa to wash it down, but my word it was nice.

I brought home their tiramisu for Mr Husband Sir to eat on his return from the football. It was all I could do not to scoff that bad boy before he came back. Clearly those boxes and stickers have a dual purpose!

I was in bed when he ate his, but it also received rave reviews, and he'd pretty much licked the plate clean which is always a good sign, no?

Worth a visit of there's a branch near you :)

The During shot.  There is no after shot.  Nobody needs to see that.


  1. Oh. Oh wow. Looks dangerous! I love your writing Kate, highly entertaining :) How did the rest of your first day back go? I hope it went okay and that Curry Friday is just as pleasing x

    1. Ahhhhh, thank you Jess, that's a very kind thing to say :) First day back went surprisingly well thank you, I think the cake helped quite a lot! I have ridiculously high hopes for Curry Friday, if its a coconut based day it could all end in tears! ;) xx


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