Friday, 18 January 2013

Hugger off!

I have a confession to make, it doesn't paint me in a good light. I'm not emotionally defective in any way, however:

I am not a hugger. I'm just not comfortable hugging. It's sad but it's true. Now I'm not talking about my husband or children here. I can hug them without issue, Mummy cuddles are officially the best! Although sometimes if Mr Husband Sir goes all soppy and wants an extended hug I do have a tendency to get a bit bored and start wanting to pick bits of overflow flapjack off the cooker top.

It's friend hugging or colleague hugging that I have the problem with...the very words "Come here you" fill me with adject horror. Nooooooo! It's just awkward and unpleasant, I go all "rabbit in the headlights" and start looking for escape routes. I'm pretty much the same with tickling, I've said it many times and I'm not joking, if you tickle me something primal takes over and I will fight you to make you stop.  To the death if necessary.

Perversely kissing doesn't phase me at all, I can mwah, mwah along with the best of them, but if someone from the wrong category starts crying and looks like they need a hug, I have to go and find a grown up, otherwise it just results in me providing one of those horribly stilted half tap, half pat on the back things that's no comfort whatsoever.

A friend of a friend used to LOVE to hug.  I could never be good chums with him on this basis, he used to attach himself to people for an inordinate amount of time whilst I stood by trying to find something that would make me so busy I was excused.  It happened a lot, one day during a particularly extended episode something snapped within me, I forced the uncomfortable pair apart (in my head I was saving them, and me) and I yelled "Put her down limpet boy or I'll break your face"  Not the most eloquent admittedly, but it certainly worked.

Thankfully I'm now branded as someone who's not a hugger so I can escape the situation should it arise, heaven forbid I meet someone who doesn't know that though.  Maybe I should get a badge made......?

So.....are you in Camp Hug or are you with me in Camp Run, Run for the Hills?

My big girl (when she was small) I'd hug her anytime!


  1. I love this post, I did a post about hugging a while back. I wasn't a hugger but I am slowly being converted depending on who the person issue

    1. Ahhhh, thank you so much for following! I'd hug you, but....well, you know! ;)

      Kate x


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