Thursday, 10 January 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Ever had a really lovely day that you just weren't planning at all? I have; today!

I dropped my oldest off at school this morning, then went to her (monthly) church assembly. Brrrrr.

Then I went to my home group made up of some really lovely local Mummies. It's hosted my a very dear friend of mine and its always a treat because, not only is she excellent company, she also has splendid coffee in the most beautiful grown up cups.

I always think that it's fate that we know each other, we first met in hospital in 2008, we had baby girls, both by emergency c-section on the same day and we were bed neighbours on the ward. She calmed me and soothed me when I had a hormonal cry over not recognising that it was my newborn baby that was crying from across a room. I nodded and smiled and did my best for her in return when she had a little cry about her husband not knowing which maternity top she was describing to him when she gave him a list of things she needed. She'd been wearing it for six months, how could he not know which top?!!!! There really is no logic directly after childbirth!

Unknown to me at the time I had worked with her younger sister for a number of years, so we also had a mutual friend. We lived in different places, but kept in touch after the girls were born. Two years ago an unexpected change of circumstances saw her moving to the same tiny village that I live in with my little family. Our girls are now in the same class at school and are firm friends. I am so lucky to have her nearby, and to count her as one of my best friends. She's wise and calm and thoughtful and sweet.

As That Baby's now at school for whole days I didn't have to rush off for the lunchtime pick up This Baby and I stayed for lunch. It was a lovely unplanned affair, good food, and good company. We ate, drank tea, swapped tales, ate and laughed all afternoon.

When I woke up this morning I had no idea that this was how my day would pan out, but I'm really bloody glad this is the way it went.

I'm off to join the Women's Institute tonight, but more on that tomorrow!

Happy Thursday to you all :)


  1. Aren't pleasant surprises the best! Good luck with the Women's Institute-- sounds intimidating lol

  2. Sounds like a lovely day!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting - I'm afraid in my half asleep, clumsy state, I hit delete instead of publish...argh! If you get a chance to comment again, I promise I'll be more careful! Sorry!x

  3. Sounds like a goodun! Today we took our girls to the movies for their FIRST TIME EVER and it was similarly nice, in spite of Anouk throwing up all over herself in the car on the way there...and I do mean *all* over herself.

  4. @Tabetha - it DOES sound intimidating doesn't it, but it truth its not so bad. Still, I might use it to threaten the Husband, "do that again and I'm telling the Women's Institute!" It has a ring!

    @Helen - don't worry. I'll be back! Not in a stalker-ish way. Or in a Terminator way either. Ahhhh, you know what I mean....

    @Jess - nooooooo! Not in the car! That's the worst place isn't it? The smell lingers for DAYS. Bless her, hope she felt better and enjoyed her first movie. You never forget it. Mine was Bambi, I cried for days, but I loved it :)


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