Friday, 11 January 2013

Like Calendar Girls only slightly less sexy...

Well, I've been....

• Doing a spot more blog hopping. Thought I'd have a mooch around The Friday Chaos Blog Hop this week. Check out my new (irritatingly massive, can anyone tell me how to shrink it a little) button. It's going to take me an age to work my way through so many new blogs and decide which are for me.

• Dealing with a baby with (suspected) chickenpox. She's not happy, poor love. It's not fun. Get well soon little wiggles x

• Joining the WI, otherwise known as the Women 's Institute. A monthly meeting of ladies of all ages with a different topic each time. Think Calendar Girls only slightly less sexy. Until I joined, obviously! Last night featured a speaker discussing how people married in the UK prior to the current marriage act. It wasn't the best topic in truth, difficult to make it really scintillating, but it was interesting. Next month's speaker sounds AMAZING, can't wait for that. I'll do a separate post over the weekend going into a bit more depth about the organisation. But I got a cake, a cuppa and a canvas bag! Not much more a girl needs in life is there?

• Getting stroppy with the husband. The other night I told him I was popping to the loo, five minutes later he shouted for me like there was some sort of major emergency kicking off. I dropped everything (well, actually pulled everything up) and ran. He wanted me to know a new series of Lewis had started and we'd missed the first episode.....grrr.

• Blogging for over a week. It's an obsession right now, but I think I'm finding my way. Enjoying it so much. It feels like the world just got bigger!

The ironing.  With perspective cleverly provided by a small, poxy baby 
• Ignoring the ironing. It's now epic in proportion. It's going to take me the whole weekend. Surely, if technology has reached the point where we now have computers the size of a bar of soap SOMEONE can invent crease-less clothes? Don't look at me, I can't even shrink a button....

That's pretty much it. Have amazing weekends...


  1. I remember when my little one had chicken pox. She had it just before she turned one and didn't complain about it once, she was just a little bit more sleepy, now my 6 year old let me know she had it and how much it hurt and everything. I found it weird the big difference of how they both reacted with only a 5 year age gap. I hope it doesn't cause you any trouble if it does turn out to be chicken pox!
    I think I'm the weird person who likes ironing. I find it oddly relaxing...

  2. They love to share don't they?! My oldest was happily repeating all her memories of it to the baby this afternoon, she made it sound dreadful, but she really wasn't all that poorly with it. I dread to think of the stuff the exaggerates to her school teacher, she does always look at me oddly! xx


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