Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Sordid Confession of a New Blogger...

I wanted to change my profile picture to one that I liked a little more.  Yesterday evening (during Lewis) I faffed around adding filters, effects, text and all sorts of (probably unnecessary stuff) but I was having a lot of fun.  More fun than Lewis, I can't even remember who dunnit....

Then I uploaded my new picture, and somehow deleted the photograph on every comment I'd ever previously made.  This sent me into a frenzy.  I crossly tapped on the computer for ages, but I couldn't get it back.  I went to bed and tried hard to resist doing the same on my phone.  I couldn't.  I wasted another hour.

Eventually I went to sleep.  Only to be awoken by an unhappy baby at four in the morning.  I hushed her off to sleep.....

....then, to my great shame, nipped downstairs like the bloke in the old R Whites advert in his pyjamas for another go at sorting out my irritating problem. I sat in the dark, furtively googling.  I felt like a pervert!  Nothing so rock n roll as looking up rude stuff on the internet for me, no siree, I wanted my picture back, dammit and sleep wasn't going to stop me trying!

Thankfully I came to my senses and realised that I was being completely bonkers, turned the computer off and went back to bed.

I haven't sorted it, but I give up now.  On principal because I'm getting obsessed.  I'm already planning to comment on this post myself to make sure my picture shows up in the future......

I have to try and put a lid of this craziness. Gosh I'm tired.

P.S if anyone can shed any light, let me know.  Or perhaps it might be better not to, I might end up in therapy.


  1. Testing, testing, please, please work. I need my sleep. I look like a sad horse today.

  2. A good program for editing pictures I like to use is Photscape, it's free to download too. Also there is the google+ photo editor which is really good for a freebie too!

    1. Brilliant! Thank you so much for the tips, I shall check them both out :)

  3. Don't panic! If its any consolation, I was similarly obsessed when I first started blogging. A year later & I'm still figuring things out! I agree with Rhiannon on the google+ photo editor-- plus if you load all your pictures in to a google+ album you won't have to worry about losing your picture again!
    Another great site that I've spent hours on toodling around is
    It has tons of user friendly filters, frames & whatnot plus it will square off the picture perfectly with the click of a button!

    1. Brilliant! Thank you for the tips, Tabetha, you're a star :) I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one with a propensity towards blogger obsession :)


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