Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Difficult Second Album, sorry, Entry.


It's really hard setting up a blog isn't it? You have to think of an entirely unique email address that nobody has every thought of before, then a blog title that doesn't make you sound like a half wit, but also that hasn't been used by anyone, ever, in the whole history of the world, ever. I am distinctly British you see and it doesn't do to step on toes....

Then you have a teeny tiny space to accurately describe yourself in a way that again, doesn't make you sound too bonkers, but also that entices people to look deeper. No mean feat.

It's hard. It's like writing a job application without sounding smarmy. Or criminally insane. As far as I know to date that has NEVER happened.

So most of this stuff will probably change. I'm not convinced I make my best decisions early in the morning, so I might need to chuck some thought at it and do some editing there.

And gosh, there are suddenly a whole host of things I need to consider that had never even crossed my mind before today. I need to think about precisely what this little blog is for? What do I want to become public and what do I want to keep just for me?

There's something to be said for anonymity. It gives me the freedom to whinge, bitch and, perhaps most importantly be unapologetically truthful. You know, like admitting to finding Miranda really funny, even though its not cool to like it. Although its never going to be ok to be one of those women who thinks that they're saying "Bear with....." in an ironic way and finds themselves hysterical. There is no ironic way, it's just annoying.

There are certain things that I just cannot cover in a public forum. Work is one of those things. I am never going to discuss where I work, or what I do. This isn't because it's terribly important, or even interesting, I don't work for MI5 and I am definitely not a spy. It's just that there are rules. And I follow them. I hold my hands aloft and am happy to declare that I am an unabashed rule follower. I like rules. Generally speaking I think rules make the world a better place. I don't walk on the grass, I don't feed the pigeons, I mind the gap and I keep to the left, no right, no wait, left. I just do whatever the crowd is doing on an escalator. I know where I am with a clearly defined rule or two.

I know it's not terribly cool and I'm sorry about that. But what can you do? Pity my children, I know, I know....

Ahhh yes, my babies. I have two little girls. I am insanely proud of them both. My oldest is nearly, nearly, nearly five. My baby nearly seven months old. Part of my insane parental pride has convinced me that if I name my babies publicly the child snatcher will single them out because of their gorgeousness and want to steal them from me (big headed, I know). But that, at least, is EASY! Before my first born was, erm, born, she had to have a moniker so I could blame stuff on her....Who ate the last piece of cake? "That Baby" made me do it! Did you just emit an unpleasant sound? Certainly not! It was "That Baby!"

When my youngest came along it was obvious. Welcome "This Baby!" God Bless her baldy head :)

So, blog name? Just Pirouette and Carry On? A nod to a particularly excellent musical pairing I was lucky enough to see live recently.  I was drawn to their lyrical response to the suggestion that elegance has had it's day.  Just pirouette and carry on!  It struck a chord with me.  It's what I try (really quite hard) to do!


Oh, and I would really would recommend checking out Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou.  They are amazing!

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