Sunday, 6 January 2013

Unsuccessful Sale Shopping

I do enjoy watching a spot of rubbish television every now and then. I'm not so keen on reality TV and I feel like the only human being alive that doesn't watch X Factor, Britain's Got Talent or I'm a Celebrity. I am a sucker for an occasional make over programme though.

Which explains why I found myself watching Gok's Style Secrets last night. Mr Husband Sir was in the kitchen producing an array of nibbly snacks (good man) and I was channel hopping when I got glued on the first episode of this new series.

It featured Gok and a goth. A lovely goth. A hot goth! A goth who was (like myself) slightly bonkers. She genuinely didn't know how brilliant she really was.

The show wasn't J-Cliff's cup of tea, so I only watched the beginning before we changed channel. No matter I thought, I'll catch up on 4od. Which I did. Thank the Lord for 4od! I means I can catch up on rubbish telly, satisfy my guilty pleasure urges and nobody needs to find out.

It was good I enjoyed it. But it made me want a leather pencil skirt. Can I find one anywhere? No! Can I heck?! It seems there were masses of perfect ones kicking about but then they were added to the sales for measly sums so they've been snapped up. Unless you're a size 6 or 20 you'll be out of luck.

I am rarely lucky with sale shopping. I guess it's my own fault. I tend to favour charity shops. Not just because of price, it's also the contribution they make. But perhaps the thing I like most about them is that they only usually have one of each item. It is whatever size it happens to be. It either fits or it doesn't. You have to really look at the item, assess it, try it on, see if it suits you and work out if its right before you buy it. Now that just doesn't happen in chain stores. If orange skater skirts are in fashion you have no choice, it's them or nothing. You find the one in your size and you buy it. Because that's the way it is. There isn't any other choice, you don't need to look at it, it doesn't need to look nice on you, you just need to know that it's fashionable.

Hmmmmm, do I REALLY want a leather pencil skirt after all? Maybe when they hit the chazza the perfect one will find me :)


  1. Have you tried looking online? Whenever I get on a must-have-it out of nowhere kick, I generally look at ETSY vintage...they have everything!

  2. I think I must have tried everywhere except Etsy, it hadn't even occurred to me, thank you! I've just a quick look and they've got an amazing selection in sooooo many colours. Fantastic! That's my evening sorted :)


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