Saturday, 5 January 2013

Our Very Own Bonkers Family Vocabulary....

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Our family has it's own little set of words and phrases that are kind of special. They make sense to us without any need for any explanation, but sound like total gibberish from the outside looking in.

Some examples from our (slightly bonkers) family vocabulary include:

Smoosh: baby food.

Nibbly snacks: indulgent adult only food consumed after tea time when small children are safely tucked up in bed. Our Christmas nibbly snack list got so big it required a separate trip to the supermarket. It was great though.

Gnomper-chomp: the way babies eat by using dribble to melt their food.

Nothing to see here!: a highly useful phrase used to explain away any little embarrassments that may have occurred.

Flomping: the way a baby learning to sit up falls over. A sudden topple without warning.

Wah!: a very loud cry.

Having a lion: means having a lay in. A blissful once weekly occurrence. "Shhhh, Daddy's having a lion..."

Woooooh hoooo!: A loud cry used in a similar way to dolphins who employ echo location to find one another. When one member of the family "wooooh hooos" the others reply with a "wooooo hoooo" in order to either be found, or to announce their arrival. A sort of shortened form of shouting "Where are you?" And "I'm here!"

Grumpus: an affectionate way of pointing out someone is being moody, eg "C'mon, don't be a Grumpus, I love you"

Ham and Cheese: means family. Shamelessly stolen from Granny the Sloth in Ice Age Four. We sing it to one another when we are happy.

Do you use words or phrases that only make sense to you and your nearest and dearest?

C'mon, share some with me, lets broaden our vocab!


  1. Oh this is very cute :) I'm an Aussie so your 'Wooooo hooooo' is like our 'Coooo-ee!' Don't you love how babies ingest their food- it has amazed me on numerous occasions.

    Looking forward to following along, I found you via the hop! (Good work on the button!)

  2. Thank you Jess, you're so kind. Just been looking at your blog, you are such a talented photographer! I'm going to enjoy following you.

    Have a great holiday! Kate on


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