Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Totally Awesome Blog Hop...

I'm new to all this, blogger confuses the heck out of me, google+ boggles my brain and none of this makes any sense in my head yet.

That Baby frequently quotes CBeebies Tinga Tinga Tales at me by charmingly reminding me that I have a "big head, tiny brain..."

So, I know to most this is nothing of an achievement but I'm feeling pretty bloomin' proud right now; I added a button!

Yep, a whole button entirely on my own! It involved some sort of mystical code and going on "the big computer" but I got there in the end. I even moved it about a bit! Oh, happy face!

I think it's sort of assumed that if you want to blog you have a fair understanding of the technical side of things, well not me, no siree!

I suppose I'm lucky, I've never been afraid to feel around in the dark (fnar, fnar) so I'm quite happy just to mess about with something until it either drives me nuts or I've cracked it. I'm sure things will get a touch more impressive looking around here as I find my feet.

So! The button that I (eventually) managed to add? Well to cut a long story short I was doing my usual mooch over at Tigerlilly Quinn's blog when I came upon, dahdadadadah....drumroll please...

Tigerlilly Quinn: The Totally Awesome Blog Hop

This is a fabulous idea thought up amongst some awe inspiring bloggy veterans to encourage folk to have a good read around.

This lady is a huge, huge inspiration to me. I never miss reading up on what she's been up to together with her beautiful little family. Her monthly posts detailing little Wilf's milestones on his journey through life are such a joy to read. I dearly wish I'd thought to do something similar for my firstborn. Quite frankly what Fritha says, goes! So if anyone should happen to stop by, have a clicketty click on my expertly (?) added button and see what these fabulous chaps have to say.

Oh, and did I mention my happy face?


  1. Don't worry about Blogger confusing you, it gets easier. I had no idea what I was doing when I started my first blog. There are some great resources out there is you wanna learn more (I definitely recommend Pugly Pixel if you wanna learn more, she has so many cute free downloads as well) xo

  2. Thank you so much Alice! I will definitely check that out! Although it's confusing now it's certainly an interesting journey. I suspect blogging could become quite addictive. It's a whole new world isn't it?

    Kate :)

  3. nice to meet you! your baby is adorable!! well done on adding HTML it is very confusing at first!) xx

  4. Thank you Fritha! She's a little bag of cute! :) I'm sure she'll be the one explaining HTML to me in no time :)


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