Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cough, Cough, Cough....

This Baby is poorly.

Poor little girl. She's had a nasty, nasty cough for three whole weeks. I'm shocking at maths, but three weeks to a seven month old baby is, like, yonks.

So I'm taking her to the doctors tomorrow, for the second time. Generally speaking I'm a big fan of the NHS, they looked after me excellently during both my pregnancies. And I was high risk and expensive. But whenever I go with my children I'm made to feel like a bit if a nuisance. It's probably not intentional, but surely if a baby is coughing so much she can't face solid food and is frequently throwing up her milk through coughing, something needs to be done?

I always feel like I'm being fobbed off when I'm told to give lots of fluids and perhaps try sitting in a steamy room. Just listen to her chest, tell me she sounds awful and give me drugs that will make her all better in the blink of an eye! Please?

It also amuses me endlessly that I bump into someone I know every time I go into the surgery in my village. Every time it happens its the same conversation: "Hello, how are you?" "Oh yes, very well thank you. You?" "Oh yes, fine thanks"

We're at the Doctors, clearly we're not fine. But we are British!


  1. Happy to be a new follower from the hop {& your blog is off to an adorable start~*}

    1. Oh! Oh! A comment! My first ever comment! Why thank you so much Tabetha, you've made my whole day and I've emitted an actual squeal of happiness :) I'll remember you forever, like the hairy youth from Torquay who provided me with my first (wonky) tattoo and the man who gave me 25p in a London car park when I was short. As soon as I get out if this supermarket, where I am blocking the baby food aisle and beaming like a lunatic I am heading over to your blog to have a good read and to become your newest and smiliest follower :) :)

  2. Haha the thing at the doctor's made me laugh! So true, we are always and forever fine, even if we meet in A&E.

    Sorry, this is obviously not your most recent post, just browsing! :-)


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