Thursday, 23 May 2013


Good Morning to you and a very happy Thursday indeed!  It's that time once again so together with Ot and Et and  Harvesting Kale I'd like to share what I am currently....

Eating: crisps, I have been eating bucketloads of crisps!! I wish I could say I'd been eating a delicious selection of vegetables or something delightfully cosmopolitan, but it wouldn't be true. I don't get time for lunch. I eat crisps. 

Loving: the way Wiggles eats peas! O know that sounds bonkers, but i just love it!! I have to put them on a fork for her one by one and she very gently gums them off like a Mummy dog holding its precious little puppy in her mouth. It's the cutest thing. And I stuff her full of peas because I love watching her so much!!

Missing: we received an invitation to a very lovely friend's wedding this week and I am gutted that we are going to have to miss it. We've already committed to doing something else on the same day. Isn't it typical? Two things at once! So sad to be missing it, she's such a sweetheart, but I wish them both all the very, very best.

Moving: I moved today in a way I haven't moved for ages. At Biscuit's Parents Lunch this afternoon I was forced to skip. SKIP! With an actual skipping rope. I haven't skipped for, maybe thirty years? My whole body bounced. I am not programmed to be in such a way. I did it though, go me!!

Taking: At work this week a very sweet girl was giving away shoes. You heard me giving away shoes!!! She has been diagnosed with a back condition that meant she has to wear a particular type of shoe and the majority of hers are now off limits. Poor love! So I was lucky enough to be the same size and took home three whole pairs!  FREE SHOES!! Life is good! 

Next week: Borrowing, Dancing, Building, Throwing, Buying.

Join in?


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  1. I did skipping not long ago too and I felt parts of me wobble that I didn't even know could, never again x

    1. That's exactly it!!!! I think I wobbled for about four hours afterwards!!


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