Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shine on...you crazy diamond?

The wonderful and completely gorgeous Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks  nominated me for a Shine On award, which was so lovely of her. I have been a bad, bad tardy blogger and it's taken me ages to post this, for which I can only apologise!  Hayley recently gave birth to a gorgeous little baby boy called Tyne.  Congratulations once again Hayley! And thank you for my nomination. I love reading Hayley's blog, she's such a happy, positive person she always puts a smile on my face. Plus Tyne is seriously adorable.  Here are my answers to the questions Hayley asked me:

1. What song makes you emotional and why?
Hurt by Johnny Cash. The first time I heard it was on a Saturday night at a friend's house, MTV was in the background. The words, the tone of Cash's voice and the images were captivating and heartbreaking and jaw dropping all at the same time. When that song finished I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I had to sit down and collect myself. It left a mark on me that's there to this day. If you've never seen or heard it, I urge you, deplore you to look it up on YouTube.

2. What beauty product could you never be without?
Blusher, without question!! I look like a ghost without it, a grey ghost.

3. What birthday of yours was most memorable and why?
This is such a hard question, but I think I'd have to say 2008. I was in labour with my oldest daughter, she was born two days later. At the hospital people kept satin "Ahhh, it's your birthday, how lovely!" And just kept thinking that it was the worst way to spend a birthday ever! Strangers doing unspeakable things to my fanaca and no baby at the end of it!!!

4. What were you like as a child?
Geeky. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. Desperate to please.

5. What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
This is a surprisingly hard question for me to answer as a shed load of embarrassing things have happened to me in my life. In fact so many that narrowing my choices down to just one is pretty tough! I'd say one of the most embarrassing happened many, many years ago when I went to a very popular club in the nearest big town. I've never been a big fan of clubs, always preferring bars, but this was an alternative night so I felt a little more at home. A lad that I was completely smitten with at the time was there and I really wanted to impress him. I'd worn my stripy tights and long flowery skirt. I probably looked like a right old hippy! The young man in question was stood at the bottom of a big dramatic staircase. I walked in, said hi to him in what I thought was a sophisticated and aloof way and walked up the stairs. Only I caught my foot on the bottom of my skirt on the first step. I then proceeded to walk up the inside of my skirt on the dramatic staircase, that was the focal point of the entire room, until the point where I was laying on the staircase like a beached whale, unable to move, flapping, unable to free myself. Boy at bottom of stairs looked at me, turned on his heel and walked off. Swine! The shame still haunts me....

6. Tell us about your morning routine?
I guess this question is referring more to my beauty regime, but as a Mum with two small children I don't have much time in the mornings for me. A swish around with a hot flannel and whack a blob of blusher on each cheek and I'm pretty much done.... My morning routine with the children generally involves me chasing around after Biscuit shouting "Where's your book bag?" And "Put your shoes on. PUT YOUR SHOES ON!!!!"

7. If you had to eat only one meal for a week, what would you choose?
Hmmmm, a whole week? Crispy duck pancakes? I think I could manage a whole week of them! Plus cucumber and spring onion would be my vegetable quota too, right? Not to mention plum sauce!!!

8. When you go the cinema, what snack food do you buy?
If there was candy floss on offer I would hoover it up! I'm not a big fan of cinema popcorn, it smells like guff to me, if there was a posh salted caramel popcorn kicking around I'd definitely want to get my hands on it!

9. If you had to marry a famous celebrity, which one would you pick and why?
Can I say Helena Bonham-Carter? She rocks! I don't want to go with convention choose a bloke because as far as I'm concerned Mr Husband is the best boy ever and I'd never want to be married to any other man but him. Sick buckets I know...

10. Where are you from and what is the best and worst thing about that place?
Originally I'm from Yorkshire, although I haven't lived there for many, many years. The best thing about it is that it's where all my family are. The worst thing? That its so flippin' far away!

I'm not going to nominate anyone particular, as I've completed a couple of similar things recently and I don't want people to get tired of me asking lots of questions, but if you would like to take part and answer Hayley's questions above as well, please do.  Be sure to leave a comment to let me know so I can have a nosey at your answers!

Love, love,

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  1. Ah! I use Johnny Cash's version of Hurt as an example of the importance of song interpretation for my Humanities class-- its a good song when Trent Reznor does it, but when Cash sang it there was a whole other level of emotion.
    I love these blogger question thingies-- its a great way to get to know bloggers!!

    1. Excellent choice Taby! I heard the Cash version first, I couldn't get my head around the NIN version when I heard it, it seemed really strange!!!


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