Friday, 7 June 2013

Who loves you, baby?

Yesterday was my baby girl's first ever birthday. It seems to be something of a tradition here in blogland to write long, loving and sentimental letters to your child to mark their special day. So here goes my version:

Dear Wiggles,

Yesterday you became a whole year old. Mummy wasn't organised enough to write you a beautiful post about how amazing you are, but trust me, you are. 

Instead we had a big picnic with all your little baby friends in the sunshine. All the grown ups got ever so slightly tiddly on Pimms. You crawled around being sociable and illicitly eating crisps. 

Here's to you gorgeous girl! I love your head off!!

Mummy xx


  1. Awww! Happy birthday to Wiggles! Picnic and Pimm's, I'm sure she'll be proud of that when you tell her x

    1. Thank you! Ha! Fingers crossed eh?!

  2. Oh Happy Birthday Wiggles! Sounds like a perfect picnic - pimms, illicit crisps and sunshine! x

    1. Thank you Helen! I have to say, it was pretty good!


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