Monday, 15 July 2013

Five Among Friends 4 & 5

I'm a little behind with Five Among Friends posts so I'm posting both sets of questions together to catch up, hope you can bear to read it all!. Here goes:

1. What is your favourite holiday and why?
I'm assuming this means holiday in the American sense, rather than the English sense so I'm going to say Christmas. I lost my love for it, but since having children I treasure every second of it. It's such a special time. I love the decorations, the food, the social occasions and I love watching my girls have fun. 

2. Do you have a special or favorite cartoon or cartoon character?
For me Cruella DeVille ROCKS!! She may be mean, but at least she's got character, not like some watery wafty princess. She knows what she wants and she sets out to get it. 

3. What was your reaction on your first born's first day at school? 
If I'm really honest I was ok with it, I've never really had a problem with her growing up, nor have I wanted to keep her a baby. She loved school, I was happy that she was happy.

4. What’s your preference: Swimming pool or beach, and why?
Neither! I'd rather get out there and do something or see something than park my bum on a beach or buy a pool. I'd rather stroll through the mountains or weave through the markets and have an experience. 

5. How do you schedule your blog post and do you use any type of system?
I like to keep my weekends quiet and share those times with my family, so weekends on the blog are all about photographs. The 52 Project with a picture of my gorgeous girls on Saturday and a Silent Sunday picture the day after. 

6. If you could switch blogs with another blogger, who would it be and why? 
I'd switch with the lovely Emma Kate from Painted Style. I wish I had her talent for restoration, she makes some beautiful things. I'd love to be half as clever as she is! 

7. What is/are your favorite bloghop(s)?
My particular favourites are Magic Moments by The Oliver's Madhouse and Currently hosted by Ot and Et. I try to join in whenever I can. 

8. What is the best thing that blogging has taught you?
That people can be truly amazing. Blogging connects me with brilliant and inspirational people I wouldn't otherwise know existed!

9. If you could turn back time, what would you change about your life? 
Nothing. If my life hadn't played out exactly the way it has I wouldn't be lucky enough to be where I am today. I've had hard times, but they've moulded me as person and taught me lessons. I am incredibly grateful for the blessings I have. 

10. Recommend 5 wonderful movies worth watching. Why do you love these movies?
I am a funny one when it comes to films, I'm not really in to Hollywood or blockbusters, I don't like anything too ordinary. I would recommend: 

Requiem for a Dream, Basquiat, 10 Rillington Place, Don't Look Now and Withnail & I.

Check out the others ladies blogs for their (far more up to date) responses! 


  1. Awesome post! I love your answer about the beach. I would love to be walking in the mountains.

    I also said neither on that question.

    1. I'm so glad Lisa! I felt really naughty telling the truth, like I *should* like doing one thing or the other, when in truth I'd rather not do either! Why sit around and let beauty pass us by eh? I think we're on to something you know!!!

    2. Yep! I think you are right!

  2. Interesting read - well done for being honest :) I also love Christmas more than any other time of year - truly magical with little ones :D

    1. It really is! I get so excited about making it memorable for them, it's so much fun for me!!!

  3. Great answers! I can't wait for my first Christmas with Tyne :)
    And Requiem for a dream is an amazing movie

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

    1. It'll be wonderful Hayley!!!

      It really is an amazing film isn't if? Shocking, jaw dropping and thought provoking, but you never forget it!! You have such great taste, I love that you like it too xx


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