Monday, 1 July 2013

Five Among Friends - Round Three

It's time for round three of the Five Among Friends series, I'm discovering some great new blogs because of this.  This week's questions were posed by the lovely Dawn of Dawn's Disaster.

1.  Who is the person that made you do the dumbest thing? What was it?
Gosh I find this a really hard question to answer, I don't feel like anyone has ever MADE me do something stupid.  Of course I've done stupid things in my life, but I don't feel like I can blame anyone else for those things, just myself.  My old school friend Jen and I used to get up to some tricks, we were very young and silly, I can remember we once decided to go out to the cinema during a thunderstorm and we ended up getting accidentally stuck in her car where the river overflowed onto the road.  It was pretty scary and pretty stupid to have driven straight into it.  We were rescued by a very kind lady who pushed us nose to bumper up the hill with her car!

2.  What was the FIRST job you ever had?
My very first ever job was working for a local florist. I had to unpack big boxes of carnations that had been flown over from Holland, separate them into bunches of five, chop them to a uniform length with flippin great cleaver on a chopping board over a bin, then put them into a plastic sleeve and into a new box.  There was no such thing as Health and Safety in those days. You should have seen that cleaver and that wobbly old bin!

3. When do you relax and how do you do it?
If we've got an evening at home, Mr Husband and I like to snuggle up on the sofa and watch something on TV or that we've recorded.  We love anything dramatic, a crime drama, Game of Thrones, anything along those lines.  We have to get all the toys and baby stuff our of our living room so I feel like it's a grown up space, then we can kick back and relax together.

4. Where was your most memorable date? Who was it with?
My first ever date with Mr Husband was a pretty memorable one.  He was so polite!  We went to a pub for a drink together and talked and got on really well.  The only problem was by the end of the evening I had no idea if he actually liked me, or if he just thought I was reasonably ok.  I had to pretty much order him to kiss me, he said he didn't want to be too forward, ahhhh!

5. Why do you blog?
So many reasons, but I suppose the main one is to record and capture our lives and the little things as they happen.

Five Among Friends

This week's questions are brought to you by: Dawn from Dawn's Disaster.

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  1. Great questions, really interesting to read your answers. My Husband and I LOVE Game Of Thrones! Can't wait until next April!!! Lol. xx
    Alex ♡
    Bump to Baby

  2. I went on five dates with a guy and had to finally ask him why he had not kissed me yet! He said he was being a gentleman? Guess guys have it just as bad.

    My boyfriend and I have just started watching Game of Thrones and I am SO ADDICTED!!

  3. Yay!!!! Mine go up Wednesday {I'm running behind}!!!

  4. Awww, I love how you had to order a kiss from him. We love relaxing too, best way to spend time together and snuggle too! x


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